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HPCON A - Less COVID-19 Restrictions


Great news!   This morning HPCON ALPHA was authorized for NSA Monterey.

This change means that physical spacing in classrooms can drop from 6 feet to 3 feet between students, effectively doubling available classroom space, as well as drop to 3 feet distancing in offices and other common areas. Further, NPS no longer has limitations on the population density of the campus.  There is no change in NPS telework policy or authorities of supervisors ability to manage their workforce.

For accomplishing our education mission, we will remain in a ‘hybrid’ teaching mode this quarter, but instructors are now authorized and strongly encouraged (but not yet required) to switch to all in-person instruction.  Instructors that have questions about their new classroom capacity should reach out to the scheduling office who will have the current list of classroom capacities.

All unvaccinated personnel are still required to wear a facemask while on federal property. Military members should update the vaccine tracker with their vaccine status. If the tracker is not showing you as fully vaccinated, you will be required to wear a mask while on the NPS campus. Update the tracker here: NPS Vaccine Tracking

If students are having difficulty obtaining childcare, please reach out to your program officers and instructors. Both the POM CDC and the Navy CYS can provide childcare services for eligible patrons.

Vaccinate and together we will make our community resilient and strong!  With the COVID-19 delta variant sweeping across the country, we are not out of the woods yet and an increase in COVID-19 positive cases will send us on a retreat to HPCON B.  As a reminder, U.S. Navy service members are required to adhere to all state/county/local restrictions while off-installation while DON affiliated personnel are strongly encouraged to do so.  You may want to note that earlier today, Monterey County and other central coast counties issued a recommendation to wear face coverings indoors regardless of vaccination status.

The Military Treatment Facility (US Army CAL MED) at Presidio of Monterey continues to afford an opportunity for vaccination for DoD government civilians (GS and NAF employed by the DoD), military, military retirees, and Tricare beneficiaries over 18. You may schedule an appointment at: Please fill out a DHA 207.

  • Wednesday 21 July 10:30 – 12:30 PM in front of the Berlin Wall Quad onboard Presidio of Monterey - appointments and walk-ins available.
  • Thursday 22 July 1:30 – 4:30 PM Building 454 onboard Presidio of Monterey - appointments and walk-ins available.

NPS can only optimize its mission when the campus is open, and we are a vibrant academic community again. Our students deserve nothing less than the best learning experience we can provide. This is what we do. Let’s do it!


Dr. Scott S. Gartner
Provost and Academic Dean
Naval Postgraduate School



Telework Flexibilities Extension

July 6, 2021

On June 17, 2021, the DoD issued a memo extending COVID-related telework flexibilities to civilian employees.  This limited exception to policy allows employees to telework during an emergency with a child or other persons requiring care/supervision present at home through 1 March 2022.  The previous extension was set to expire on June 30, 2021.  Please note, employees must still account for work and non-work hours during their tours of duty and take appropriate leave (paid or unpaid) to account for time spent away from normal work-related duties (e.g., to care for a child or dependent).

As a reminder, absent this limited exception, DoD policy prohibits telework as a substitute for dependent care. 


COVID-19 Task Force Announcements



  • Beginning July 6, in-person learning began to the maximum extent possible
  • For faculty needing help creating a rotation plan that works, contact the Dean of Students’ office or Program Officer
  • Guidance may change as the quarter progresses
  • The goal is to return to full in-person classes for resident students by the beginning of Fall Quarter
  • For in-person classes:
  • If all participants are immunized (requires unsolicited, voluntary disclosure by civilian personnel) masks and social distancing are not required
  • If an immunization status is negative or unknown, masks and social distancing of 6 feet is required until the campus upgrades to HPCON A, reducing social distancing  


  • The Office of Teaching and Learning and the Graduate Education Advancement Center (GEAC) staff are available to support faculty in developing regular, blended/hybrid instructional courses, review/tutorial, independent study and advisory sessions, labs and project work 
  • Information on the use of hybrid classrooms and the status capabilities is available on the NPS Wiki: Hybrid How-to: NPS Classrooms and List of Hybrid Enabled Classrooms

  • For assistance, contact Ali Rodgers:
  • For course design, technology and pedagogy integration:
  • For additional support, see the TLC website or:


  • The Scheduling Office assigned a classroom for every course, including all DL classes
  • Alternative/larger spaces were added to the pool of available classrooms to accommodate in-person attendance


  • ITACS and GSEAS have collaborated to create 45 hybrid-enabled classrooms, including more robust Flex rooms and Reed Hall
  • Fifty documents cameras with built-in microphones will be deployed upon arrival and will support lecture from the lectern with limited utility for exchanges between remote and resident students
  • Speakerphones are on order to better support classroom discussion
  • Help on the NPS Wiki



  • The Dudley Knox Library (DKL) is open from 0730-1730 Monday through Friday 
  • DKL offers resource checkout, COVID-safe study or meeting spaces, library computers and printing services (download new printer packages [login required])
  • Other services currently available online through DKL remain
  • Spaces in DKL comply with safety and COVID-19 regulations and requirements
  • Abide by signage posted to ensure compliance with safety protocols
  • Cleaning and sanitizing materials are available throughout the building
  • DKL is discontinuing book retrieval and print on demand services
  • Course Reserve items are available for use in the building
  • The Inter-Library Loan (ILL) service “Request Article or Book” is currently unavailable; contact “Ask a Librarian” for assistance
  • New printers will require remapping and/or new mapping of laptops
  • New users: to map your laptops, send print jobs to DKL: The link for those instructions is here.
  • Study rooms at the Library are available on a reservation basis with limited seating capacity.
  • To access the reservation system, use the Reserve a Room icon on the Library homepage: or directly at: https://libmeeting.nps/edu/ 
  • Once in the reservation system, move your cursor over room numbers to see seating capacity and safety protocols
  • To request conference rooms, cubicles, classrooms and auditoriums use the Event Scheduler which requires VPN access and a email account
  • Campus spaces are granted on a first come, first serve basis; only make requests for the dates and times the room will be needed to prevent request denials
  • Requests will be sent to the room owner for approval
  • For help on making a room request: 
  • For further information on additional study spaces, contact your Program Officer
  • The Graduate Writing Center (GWC) and Thesis Processing Office (TPO) are continuing most of their services on-line; however, there are opportunities for in-person coaching and instruction
  • GWC:
  • TPO:


  • Vaccinations are widely available and encouraged (
  • Students with negative/unknown vaccination status are required to wear masks while on campus
  • Program Officers are reaching out to those students to inform them of this requirement
  • If conditions change, students are encouraged to update information on the self-reporting site
  • Program Officers are allowed to share these names with the applicable faculty for their awareness
  • The list will be updated and shared with Program Officers and faculty
  • Faculty may request unmasked students to wear a mask; however, student compliance is purely voluntary so long as they are adhering to the appropriate DoD guidance
  • At this time, faculty may inquire as to the vaccination status of a military servicemember, but disclosure to a civilian employee is purely voluntary



  • The President’s Board for Student Affairs (PBSA) will:
    •  meet with students at New Student Orientation and graduation ceremonies
    • offer campus tours
    • continue to host Student Council meetings on the second Thursday of every month
    • provide weekly student updates on Yammer and the student resource page 
    • conduct a COVID-life survey in July
    • open to feedback on campus life and to answer questions
    • mediate if needed
  • For questions or assistance: or


View the complete COVID-19 TASK FORCE Update of July 2 pdf.

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