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NPS STATUS:  HPCON A  •  County Transmission Low  •  DOD PH III  • Visit NPS Safety Office COVID-19 page for more information and resources.

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**NPS COVID-19 Procedures**

COVID Mitigation Plan Update

January 26, 2022

Team NPS,

BLUF:  Resume In-Person Instruction Next Week—Library Available; Maximize Telework Remains In Place

Good news! 

We have observed the COVID-19 positive case rate and test positivity rates in the local community recede from its peak and on steady downward slope and the positive cases within the NPS community are now minimal with a downward trend.  Accordingly, NPS will be returning to in-person, on campus, instruction (for in-residence courses) beginning Monday, 31 January and the outdoor classroom spaces are available for scheduling.  The Dudley Knox Library will be also open with most services available; study spaces and study rooms, circulation of physical materials, and printing.  Reference and coaching sessions will remain primarily virtual.  Please check the library’s website for more information.

The following COVID mitigations remain in place:

  1. All personnel present in indoor classrooms while classes are in session shall be fully vaccinated.
  1. All personnel shall wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth whenever indoors in any Naval Postgraduate School building or space with the exceptions of when alone in an enclosed office space, for brief periods of time when eating and drinking, and when necessary to reasonably accommodate an individual with a disability.
  1. With the exception of classroom or laboratory instruction, all meetings on campus of ten (10) or more persons shall be conducted by virtual means (Teams, Zoom, etc.) unless within capacity limits (50%) and approved in advance by the Chief of Staff.
  1. Any faculty, student, or staff member in a classroom or laboratory may require that all personnel in the specific classroom or laboratory remain masked regardless of vaccination status during the period of instruction.

The Covid in-person teaching exception process was utilized for the Fall 2021 Quarter only and will not being utilized at this time.  If you believe you have a medical condition for which you should be excused from in-person teaching, be permitted to teach via DL or otherwise be accommodated, the appropriate process for such requests is the reasonable accommodation process handled by the NPS EEO Office. 

Those students who have a distance learning (DL) waiver approved by the Dean of Students may continue to attend classes via the DL modality.

To recap:        

  • Maximize telework if at all possible
  • In-person learning for classes, labs and classified courses
  • Library is open for most services
  • Masks required indoors
  • No in-person meetings with more than 10 people unless pre-approved and w/I capacity limits
  • Official travel restricted for non-vaccinated personnel
  • Wash your hands frequently and sneeze into your elbow
  • Avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces
  • STAY HOME AND GET TESTED IF YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS OF ILLNESS (Cold, Influenza, COVID-19, Typhoid, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Chicken Pox…it’s really not that complicated)

Our Coronavirus website continues to have a myriad of good information and resources including current guidance on what to do in the event of a positive case:   I am COVID 19 Positive or a Close Contact Aug 21.pdf  or NPS COVID 19 Positive Case Procedures_05Aug21.pdf

As the COVID-19 operating environment remains a dynamic one, thank you all for your flexibility, patience, and adherence to guidance.


CAPT Philip E. Old

Chief of Staff, Naval Postgraduate School


COVID Mitigation Plan Update

January 20, 2022

BLUF:  No Change for Next Week

Unfortunately, after reviewing the most current COVID-19 data available, we will be maintaining the status quo next week with (1) Distance Learning and Maximize Telework; (2) In person for Labs/Classified Courses (SCIF/STBL); and (3) Pre-approved meetings w/i capacity restrictions.

Everything below remains applicable including the streak of zero transmission on campus!

For those who are wondering about COVID-19 testing… POM Army Medical Clinic continues to provide symptomatic PCR testing only.  If personnel are asymptomatic, they will need to arrange testing at one of the area’s civilian testing facilities.  Under Tricare, tests are covered only when ordered by a doctor for patients with symptoms; who have had prolonged exposure but no symptoms; or are having surgery. And, although Tricare Beneficiaries are not currently eligible for reimbursement for the cost of take-home COVID tests, anyone can order free tests for home delivery at

Again, I encourage everyone to get a booster if you eligible and haven’t done so yet.


CAPT Philip E. Old
Chief of Staff,  Naval Postgraduate School

COVID Mitigation Plan Update

January 13, 2022

BLUF:  NPS will remain in Distance Learning and Maximize Telework.  In person for Labs/Classified Courses (SCIF/STBL)/Pre-approved meetings w/i capacity restrictions

As I am sure all of you are aware, our local Monterey community continues to see a rising trend in community transmission and NPS has observed an elevated positive COVID-19 cases rate amongst our population.  In light of the data and current trends, we will maintain on our current course and not return to full in-person learning or normalized workplace occupancy next Tuesday.

The good news is that NPS’ streak of zero transmission on campus is still alive.  Thank you for your continued diligence in executing our mitigation measures.

President Rondeau and the rest of the leadership team remain committed to returning to in-person learning.  Consistent with DOD and Navy guidance in response to COVID, we will continue to monitor the conditions and make a prudent and objective determination based on conditions, including a consistent reduction in community transmission.

To recap:             

  • Maximize telework if at all possible
  • Distance Learning for classes w/exception of labs and classified courses
  • Masks required indoors
  • No in-person meetings with more than 4 people unless pre-approved

As a public service announcement, CALMED at the POM medical clinic has Pfizer vaccine/booster available with 24 slots available for the next two weeks.  Authorized beneficiaries may call the appointment line for scheduling COVID vaccination: 1-866-957-2256.

A gentle reminder that if you become COVID-19 positive, you need to report it to NPS.  Please utilize the procedures and information linked below and at our Coronavirus website that has a myriad of good information and resources.

And did I mention to please stay home if you have symptoms of a cold, flu, or other illness?


CAPT Philip E. Old
Chief of Staff,  Naval Postgraduate School

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