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“Bravo Zulu,” Video Salute to Our Winter Graduates and Farewell Provost Lerman

Friday, March 27, 2020

“Bravo Zulu!” to all for the amazing accomplishments this week during these extraordinary times! Most know “BZ” is a naval signal sent by commanders to convey, often by flag-hoist, the Bravo and Zulu flags meaning "well done!"  And especially now, well deserved!

Next week, we sail into Spring quarter to deliver our education mission on schedule in full telework mode and in a comprehensive distance learning format. I recognize operating in this COVID environment has not been easy. You have done this with professionalism and care.

There have been hardships – you endured them.

There have been challenges – you met them.  

There have been difficulties – you overcame them.  

This journey will continue.  As I said in my last Virtual Town Hall, “if we only do the things that are easy, then life is hard.” You are proving to be more than up to the challenges Coronavirus throws our way.

Today, acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly published his latest Vector 17 with similar observations. 


In this Vector SECNAV talks about how, “high performing teams are resilient” despite misfortune, and “they figure out how to adjust, maintain focus on their mission, and ultimately succeed.  Sometimes even the most unlikely person steps up with an idea, with inspiration, with confidence, and leads when they are needed most.”  I see that happening here at NPS every day and I am very proud of your hard work.

Many of you have sent me COVID-19 response vignettes of people who went out of their way, or stories of extra-miles efforts, anecdotes of triumph and good ideas. These are inspiring!

I stand with you in admiration of your dedication, and there are so many more examples that we do not yet see. You know of others who took on a part of this challenge and went above-and-beyond the call, not because they were asked, because it was the right thing to do.  

At the link below, take a moment to submit a Bravo Zulu shout-out for someone who helped you, or someone you know who made an extra effort.  He/She could be a co-worker, colleague, a boss or just someone whose positive attitude helped uplift your team, even a friend or family member

Submit your COVID-19 Response Bravo Zulu and good ideas here: 

Recognition is free and priceless at the same time. Next week, we will publish your initial entries to our intranet to share in recognizing those around us. I encourage us all to keep this going. There are people at NPS with good ideas who go out of their way to help others every day.  Seize this moment and opportunity to uplift them as they uplift us.

Today we published on NPS Youtube a short video salute to our Winter Quarter graduates. 

Even though circumstance required us to change how we recognize them, what they achieved has not changed. The Dean of Students, Provost and I, as well as invited guest speaker Lieutenant General Lori Reynolds, offer our congratulations and I take great pride in conferring their degrees with all the “rights, privileges and responsibilities” thereunto. Again, Bravo Zulu! 

Mark your calendars. Our fourth Virtual Town Hall will be Thursday, April 2 at 1500.  I want to hear how distance learning is going and gather your feedback on where we need to improve our efforts.  There will be growing pains and we need your feedback so that we may assess, correct and improve execution.  That is how we will succeed. 

Finally, on a bittersweet note, I want to acknowledge that we bid “fair winds and following seas” to Provost and Academic Dean Dr. Steve Lerman. A great leader, an admired colleague and a dear friend to many, we all have benefited immensely from his time here at NPS. I am especially grateful we had Steve’s leadership and counsel to depend upon during this Coronavirus crisis. His thoughtful approach in all he does is a powerful testimony to his personal spirit and disciplined intent as a leader. He personifies extraordinary strategic leadership and the highest of professional standards.  Steve’s extraordinary character, high sense of honor, determined pursuit of knowledge and persistence to his vision as Provost have been brilliant and has a made us stronger.  Thank you so much, and Bravo Zulu Dr. Steve Lerman!

Please everyone take care this weekend. Stay safe, continue following good prevention measures and I look forward to hearing from you next week!

With great respect,

Ann E. Rondeau, Ed.D.
Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

President, Naval Postgraduate School


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What Can I Do to Be Prepared?

Practice Prevention
First and foremost, practice prevention! From washing your hands to staying home when you are sick. Check out the NPS Safety Office COVID-19 website for the latest resources at every level.

Get Your Telework Agreement in Place
Let’s be prepared, as individuals and as an institution. See the COS’ bulk message here on how to do it, and these best practices for employees. For Supervisors, see these instructions on how to change employee’s eligibility for telework.

Register with the Emergency Alert System
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