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Letter from Mrs. Gilday on COVID Resources
Mrs. Gilday, wife of Chief of Naval Operations Mike Gilday, addresses the Navy family on the struggles and challenges associated with the COVID-19 environment, and offers strategies to adapt and provides a list of resources for help and support. To read her full message, click here. 

Announcement: Please see the document from Navy Medicine titled “COVID Vaccine for Leadership” for the latest FAQS and Q&As about vaccine distribution.

COVID-19: NPS Winter Quarter Update - December 17, 2020 pdf.
DoD COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan and Population Schema - December 9, 2020 pdf.
COVID-19: NPS Planning Update – October 10, 2020 pdf.


January 19,

As we return from the holiday weekend, I want to take the opportunity to provide an update on the ongoing COVID-19 vaccination efforts at NPS.  As I previously indicated, we do not have definitive information on the DOD vaccination effort and plans for the Monterey Peninsula.  However, that does not mean that the problem-set is not being worked.

The Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF) to set expectations:  The COVID-19 vaccination effort is going to be very dynamic and a long, drawn out process.  Patience and flexibility will be critical.

Some useful background information:

  • Currently, vaccines are authorized under an experimental use authorization (EUA), pending final FDA approval,  which means that receiving a vaccination is strictly voluntary and each person must affirmatively request to be vaccinated
  • Multiple avenues to vaccination will eventually be available:  DOD / Monterey County / Veteran’s Administration / private health insurance
  • The specific tier within the DOD population schema and Monterey County COVID-19 Vaccine Schedule has not been determined
  • The vaccine expected to be administered by the DOD in Monterey is the Moderna vaccine
  • The DOD vaccination site will be at the Presidio of Monterey, our servicing medical facility
  • Eventually, volunteers are expected to be able to schedule individual vaccination times online
  • NPS will need to track and report the vaccination status of each person regardless of the avenue taken to receive the vaccine

I will also draw your attention to the following resources that have fairly comprehensive webpages devoted to issues relating to the pandemic and vaccination:

Military Health System: COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit |

Center for Disease Control:  COVID-19 Vaccines | CDC

Monterey County Health Department:

To be postured for success within the DOD vaccination effort, we first need to identify those service members and employees who would like to volunteer to receive a COVID-19 vaccination when supplies arrive locally.  Very shortly, we will be sending a notification, via e-mail and Teams, to all eligible NPS personnel seeking to identify those individual volunteers.  The purpose for collecting this information is to enable the ordering of an accurate amount of the vaccine for NPS volunteers.

To reach all eligible personnel as quickly as possible, the e-mail message will come from “Microsoft Flow” while the Teams message will come from “Flow.”  You will be asked to provide your DODID (number on the back of your CAC) in the comments section of the request to support faster and earlier responses for NPS personnel.  Depending on the format and submission criteria for ordering vaccinations, personnel who elect to volunteer to receive a vaccine but do not provide their DODID may be passed over and submitted on subsequent vaccine orders due to not having all the required information at the time it is requested.  Please respond to either the email message or Teams  message; you do not have to reply to both.


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Get the latest news and guidance from federal, state and local agencies.

Naval Postgraduate School Return to Campus Plan.

For Event & Space Scheduling Procedures - Visit the Scheduling Office Covid 19 website.

Key contacts for support for you and your family.

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What Can I Do to Be Prepared?

Practice Prevention
First and foremost, practice prevention! From washing your hands to staying home when you are sick. Check out the NPS Safety Office COVID-19 website for the latest resources at every level.

Get Your Telework Agreement in Place
Let’s be prepared, as individuals and as an institution. See the COS’ bulk message here on how to do it, and these best practices for employees. For Supervisors, see these instructions on how to change employee’s eligibility for telework.

Register with the Emergency Alert System
AtHoc can help you get information quickly, but you have to be sure your contact info is up to date. Check out AtHoc Wiki page for all the info.