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"Faculty, staff and students expect NPS to reflect and exemplify leadership in all ways, including seeing competent, high-quality and valuable diversity at NPS's senior levels. As voiced to me by several of our student leaders: NPS is the place to reflect the excellence of successful leadership approaches to diversity."
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The mission of Inclusion & Diversity at NPS is to exemplify a diverse organization (culturally, globally, and cognitively), where inclusive and diverse people and perspectives are appropriately reflected in relevant policies, plans, training, education, and resource planning. We can also impact DON through performance of our mission – educating future leaders. 

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Our Vision

Diversity and inclusion are bedrock values underpinning NPS' interservice, interagency, and international campus. Our NPS community reflects the promise of our Navy and Marine Corps, our military and of our nation — that talented people from across the country, indeed from around the world — with different backgrounds, ethnicities, and life experiences — can flourish here. Inclusion and diversity of thought are part of our culture, not just as an academic institution, but as part of an unwavering value set that defines who we are and how we lead.

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Our Principles

NPS embraces the principles of equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion. These principles apply to all aspects of the employment relationship and include, but are not limited to, initial consideration for employment, evaluation of performance, promotion and advancement, training, access to facilities, reasonable accommodations, awards, discipline, and termination.

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Sept. 22, 2021
FEW 2021 STEM Day Program
The NPS Federal Women’s Program/EEO Office shares the invitation to register below for the 2021 Virtual STEM Day Program presented by Federally Employed Women (FEW). Sharing this invitation with others is highly encouraged. FEW presents the 2021 STEM Day Program to promote the professional development of women and girls throughout the country and expresses the need of minorities to go into lucrative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematic careers. This virtual event will occur on September 22, 2021 at 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST with the support of some dynamic speakers and agencies.
Register for the event

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Listen Lead Learn NNOA video

Student Leaders, National Naval Officers Association

In this episode of "Listen, Learn, Lead," President Rondeau meets with four university students – Navy Lts. Brandon Carter and J.D. Thomas, Marine Maj. Matt Bowman, and Air Force 1st Lt. Byron Wilson – for a critical conversation on diversity, race and bias, and how the university can lead in this crucial moment in U.S. history.