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Resources for transitioning your course to DL:

  1. Camtasia Training
  2. Advanced Level Training & Tips for Technology and Pedagogy Integration 
    1. Integrating Asynchronous Material into Instruction
    2. Digital Annotation
  3. More On Demand Training
    1. Access TLC training offerings here


  • Request your Sakai site or Zoom account from CLEhelp@nps.edu or using the DL help extension x2020

  • Request a Microsoft Team for your class at CLEhelp@nps.edu. (For Teams requests that are not for a class please contact webmaster@nps.edu

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Teaching and Learning Commons 


The Office of the Associate Provost for Graduate Education (OAP-GE), Information Technology and Communication Services (ITACS), and the Dudley Knox Library partner to function as an integrated team and community of practice enhancing the quality of NPS teaching and learning (T&L) for residential and distance-learning programs through collaborations that create distinctive and effective learning experiences. Learn more about the TLC, its vision and mission, here



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