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The Office of the Associate Provost for Graduate Education (OAP-GE), Information Technology and Communication Services (ITACS), and the Dudley Knox Library partner to function as an integrated team and community of practice enhancing the quality of NPS teaching and learning (T&L) for residential and distance-learning programs through collaborations that create distinctive and effective learning experiences. Learn more about the TLC, its vision and mission.

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Learn about initiatives that support quality, forward thinking, and innovation in teaching and learning.
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Find practical resources, tools, and support for NPS faculty, students, and staff.
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COVID-19 Updates for NPS Faculty, Students and Staff

The latest news and information to ensure the NPS campus community is prepared for COVID-19.
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TLC Education Grants - FY21

TLC Education Grants, funded via the TLC’s Data Analytics informing Teaching and Hybrid Learning (DAITA HL) Initiative, are designed to support instructional improvement efforts by NPS faculty. 

To learn more about these grant opportunities and this year's awardees, please visit the website  


TLC Year in Review: Success in the Time of Covid-19 (view PDF)
TLC's 2020 Newsletter has just been published. Thanks to all who contributed. 

Events and Trainings

Measuring Innovation at the Edge: Utilization of a Dashboard Assessment Tool to Support Remote Students
Online DAITA HL Education Grants Webinar, Thursday, 28 October 2021, 1200-1300

Dr. Blanken and Cecilia will explore the utilization of a “dashboard” assessment tool to support the offering of an existing “Innovation-Design Certificate” for remote student populations.

Leveraging VR/MR for Spatial Reasoning
Online DAITA HL Education Grants Webinar, Friday, 5 November 2021, 1200-1300

Michael Guerrero will present his work on a usable prototype for a whiteboard-like environment in virtual reality (VR) and how it was utilized to overcome student difficulty understanding challenging concepts in 3D. Video footage taken from the lesson used to derive experimental data as well as a live demo will be shown.

Mobile All-In-One System for Game Theory Concepts Activities
Online DAITA HL Education Grants Webinar, Friday, 19 November 2021, 1200-1300

Dr. Zefferman will discuss how he converted instructional activities in the Department of Defense Analysis game theory course from physical media to electronic media. The new computer-based instructional activities increased student learning time, classroom efficiency, and engagement through more realistic demonstrations than were possible with traditional methods.

Zoom Parent Support Group
Wednesdays, 1730-1830, starting 24 Feb 2021

GWC & DKL Fall Workshops
Are you looking to polish your paraphrasing? Strengthen your structure? Augment your arguments? The GWC and DKL offer more than two dozen writing-, reading-, and research-themed workshops each quarter. To view fall-quarter sessions, open the workshop descriptions and schedule.

On-Demand Trainings for Transitioning your Course to DL

Camtasia Training
More On Demand Training

Teaching and Learning Support

Request your Sakai site or Zoom account from or use DL help extension x2020.
Request a Microsoft Team for your class at
For Teams requests that are not for a class, please contact

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