Teaching and Learning Commons

The Office of the Associate Provost for Graduate Education (OAP-GE), Information Technology and Communication Services (ITACS), and the Dudley Knox Library partner to function as an integrated team and community of practice enhancing the quality of NPS teaching and learning (T&L) for residential and distance-learning programs through collaborations that create distinctive and effective learning experiences. Learn more about the TLC, its vision and mission.

Learn about initiatives that support quality, forward thinking, and innovation in teaching and learning.

Find practical resources, tools, and support for NPS faculty, students, and staff.

Discover knowledge sharing among members of the NPS teaching and learning community.

TLC General Information

General Information

The TLC Approach

Listen: Engage with teaching and learning stakeholders during bi-annual department visits, open forums, and surveys

Involve: Partner with faculty and students to foster a culture of sharing and learning

Support: Develop annual initiatives that aim to support quality, forward-thinking, and innovation in teaching and learning


Dennis Lester, PhD

Director, TLC
Associate Provost for Graduate Education


CAPT Scott Bischoff, USN (Ret)

Co-Director, TLC
CIO and Director, Information Technology


Mr. Tom Rosko

Co-Director, TLC
University Librarian


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Events and Trainings

Instructional Design Open Office Hours
DKL154 & Microsoft Teams
Tuesdays from 1400-1600
Thursdays from 1100-1300

GEAC has dedicated instructional designers available for open office hours in DKL154, as well as virtually and by email.

DADLAC Annual Newsletter

NPS TLC, as a partner of Defense Advanced Distributed Learning Advisory Committee (DADLAC), was included in the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) annual newsletter. Read the newsletter here.

COVID-19 Updates for NPS Faculty, Students and Staff

The latest news and information to ensure the NPS campus community is prepared for COVID-19.
View Covid 19 Updates

New TLC Initiative: Success Through Effective Assessment of Learning (SEAL)

The Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) invites the NPS teaching community to submit project proposals funded by AY 22 SEAL education grants. This is a great opportunity for instructors to explore new tools and emerging technologies, approaches, and teaching strategies to expand assessment practices to measure student learning at NPS.


TLC Year in Review 2021 (view PDF)
TLC's 2021 Newsletter has just been published. Thanks to all who contributed.