COVID-19 Vaccine Planning Docs





DOD and DON have authorized the use of Administrative Leave (LN) for all employees approved to be absent from duty for COVID-19 vaccinations at either a DOD or private health care facility or pharmacy.

Administrative Leave Usage:

  1. Up to four (4) hours to receive COVID-19 vaccination (per dose); to include time spent traveling to and from the vaccination location, time at the vaccination location, and, if needed, for a reasonable amount of recovery time. 
  2. On a case-by-case basis, supervisors may grant additional time for extenuating circumstances. (e.g., an employee shows up for a confirmed appointment time but is unable to receive the vaccine and has to reschedule.) 
  3. No more than two (2) workdays, for recovery, per vaccination dose, for employees who experience an adverse reaction to a COVID-19 vaccination.  


Employees should record time and attendance for COVID-19 vaccinations by typing the hour code (THC) “LN” and environmental/hazard/other code (EHZ) “PF.” 

Employees vaccinated prior to 14 April 2021, who used personal leave for vaccination(s) or had absences due to recovery time (adverse reactions/illness) for vaccinations during duty hours, may retroactively substitute Administrative Leave. Supervisors should work with employees to make timecard correction(s), as needed for time already taken. 

Any issues with making retroactive adjustments should be raised with the NPS Timekeeping Department:



We strongly encourage personnel to volunteer to receive the vaccine through any available method. NPS does not have vaccines. These are provided via the Army and local county to our population.

NPS Actions-

1. Go to this site NPS Vaccine Tracking * to update your vaccine status and/or information with NPS. Applicability- MIL, AD, GS, Contractor (NPS will not be tracking dependent** completion rates at this time).  However, those dependents who receive the vaccine should ensure their medical records are updated with their PCM.

 Actions as applicable (population dependent)-


3. Army Medical Clinic at Presidio of Monterey*: MIL, DoD CIV, Dependents**

4. The following are eligible to receive the vaccine from CAL MED:

  1. Government Civilian Employees who work for us (DACs, NAFs)
  2. Military
  3. Military Retirees
  4. Tricare beneficiaries

Contractors, federal civilian retirees, and civilian federal employee's spouses are NOT eligible to receive the vaccine.

3. Make an appointment:

4. Download and fill out DHA 207 form and bring with you to appointment.

5. Bring you CAC.

6. Go to your First Appointment.

Location: Verify location on

7. SECOND Appointment:

  1. 2 days prior to your due date,
    1. Make an appointment using the link:

Since they cannot open the appointments for your second shot until they know when they are receiving the allotment for the 2nd dose.  Starting about a week out check back on site until appts are open. 

If you need to cancel a previously made appointment at this facility, please go here

  1. Download and fill out and bring the DHA 207 form.
  2. Upon completion of appt, update NPS Vaccine Tracking* in order to track completion rates.

4. Veterans: COVID-19 vaccines at VA


5. After your appointment go to the site NPS Vaccine Tracking* and update your information for NPS*

Restrictions on receiving vaccine:

1) Cannot receive vaccine if you are leaving the area with no expectation of returning more than 30 days after you receive your first shot

2) You must wait at least 14 days after getting the COVID-19 vaccine before getting any other vaccine, including a flu or shingles vaccine. If you plan on getting another vaccine first, wait at least 14 days before getting your COVID-19 vaccine.


            * Information is voluntary. Information is collected and used in accordance with DOD Force Health Protection guidance 18. The collection by DoD Components of COVID-19 information from individuals whose place of duty is in the DoD workplace, to the extent such collection is necessary to implement the guidance on workplace access, is authorized. DoD Components may collect, use, maintain, and/or disseminate only the minimum amount of PII necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect personnel in DoD workplaces. Accordance with DoD Manual 6025.18 (HIPPA) and DoDI 5400.11, "DoD Privacy and Civil Liberties Programs," January 29, 2019, as amended, as well as SORN N06150-2. . Collection does not conflict with Equal Employment  Opportunity Commission under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 29 U.S.C. § 791, et seq., as amended
            ** Eligibility for Vaccination at DoD facilities are provided for personnel that are DoD beneficiaries under Chapter 55 of Title 10 USC and in accordance with reference (d) DoD COVID-19 Vaccination Program. TRICARE beneficiaries empaneled at a DoD Military Treatment Facility (MTF) are eligible to receive the vaccine at a DoD MTF. TRICARE beneficiaries who receive care at DoD MTFs on a space-available basis (non-Tricare prime-retirees) or non-Tricare beneficiaries, can alternately receive vaccines through the local civilian jurisdiction.
            *** May 4, 2021: 88/21 SARS-COV-2 Vaccination and Reporting Policy Update, “All personnel who receive the vaccination from a retail network pharmacy must provide documentation of vaccination no later than the next work day (or next drill day for Reserve personnel) to ensure vaccination is recorded in MRRS and the Electronic Health Record (EHR).  ACTIVE DUTY Navy and Marine Corps personnel who receive the COVID vaccine in the County or network (not at CALMED or at a Mil MTF), need to email a copy of their shot card to: As well as updating NPS Vaccine Tracking*


NPS Vaccine Planning Instructions and documents


NAVY VACCINE FAQ (23 Dec 2020)

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