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Q1: How can we provide feedback on other campus efforts? 

A1:  There is a COVID Response BZ Shout-Out submission form you can complete and submit at:

View BZ’s:

Administrative Archive

Q1: How long will NPS remain in telework and DL status? 

A1: NPS will remain in DL modality and telework, with limited exceptions, for the remainder of the Spring quarter. The Provost and Dean of Students are evaluating options for July. 

For incoming students, the Dean of Students has posted the following Incoming Student Guidance:

Read more about the extension here:

Q2: What are the current updates from NPS leadership? 

A2: Command Climate Survey: The Virtual Focus groups are examining the results. 

Draft NPS Mission: Please provide your comments on the latest iteration at the Draft Mission Statement Review Wiki:

Monthly President’s Update: The President’s update of April 17 was delivered to the new Secretary, CNO, CMC, VCNO, and ACMC in a new memo format that can be broadly shared. See the document at:

Virtual SGLs: NPS will continue to schedule Virtual SGLs, NPS will be scheduling speakers for Virtual SGLs that can also be shared with faculty, staff, and students throughout the Naval Education Enterprise. Please share your ideas with the DOS. 

NPS NAVIG Command Inspection: Scheduled for October 27 through November 5, 2020. COS is leading the Command Assessment Board in working with staff to assess NPS compliance with DOD and DON requirements. 

Academic CAB (ACAB): The Provost has begun the review of compliance, effectiveness, and risks of 35 missions and functions and seven outlier programs. The Office of Counsel will be contacting responsible program offices for their input in support of the ACAB’s efforts.

Expanding Education: The Chief Learning Officer published an OpEd in Navy Times on the status of the U.S. Naval Community College (USNCC). The first 500 enlisted students will start Jan 2021, then 5,000 by 2022, but it will be open to all enlisted in 2023. To read the article:

See the story on LT Meagan Way at this link:

Q3: What is the most recent information from the Monterey County Health Officer? 

A3: The link to the latest information on the Monterey County Shelter-in-Place order can be found at:

Q4: If customer service is limited, will I still have access to NPS CPPA assistance?  

A4: Limited service hours will not create a lapse in quality pay and personnel assistance. For NPS Navy Student Personnel email
For NPS Staff Personnel email

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