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Q1: Is the Graduate Writing Center (GWC) still coaching students?

A1: Yes, coaches are working with students remotely.

Q2: Where can I get more information on coaching in general or remote coaching?

A2: Click here for an overview of the coaching process; click here for more information on remote coaching.

Q3: When is the GWC open for remote coaching?

A3: Coaching is offered (Pacific Time) MON–WED 0900–1800; THU 0900–1400 and 1500–1800; FRI 0900–1600; SAT 1000–1200 and 1300–1500; SUN 1300–1700. Email the GWC to inquire about alternative hours. 

Q4: How do I sign up for coaching?

A4: Sign up in WCOnline from here or via our website SIGN-UP button. 

Note in your appointment form what types of issues you want to work on; this guides our pre-appointment review of your draft paper. Enter your phone number and list how you want to connect: Phone, Zoom, or MS Teams.

Q5: How do I get my paper draft to my writing coach?

A5: Email your paper and assignment prompt, or thesis chapter, to your coach, preferably 24 hours in advance of your appointment. You can find your coach’s email in Outlook and on your WCOnline appointment form.

Q6: How will my coach work with me remotely? 

A6: Your coach will make review comments on your paper using Comments and send you a copy via email prior to your appointment.
Your coach can meet with you in one of three ways: phone, Zoom, or MS Teams. Zoom and Teams allow for video conferencing or just audio, as well as real-time document sharing.

If your preference is telephone, your coach will call you at your appointment time, and you will both refer to the reviewed copy of your paper.

If your preference is Zoom, you will receive a Zoom invite via email and should click on the provided link at the appointment time.

If your preference is MS Teams, log into and open Teams prior to your appointment, then respond to the Teams call that will appear on your computer at appointment time.

Q7: Do you have drop-in hours?

A7: Yes. Students can log into online drop-in coaching Monday–Friday, 1200–1300, to ask relatively quick questions, brainstorm, and receive feedback on short papers.

Q8: Will the GWC hold spring-term workshops in the library?

A8: No, we will not hold live workshops in person or remotely in the library. However, we encourage you to view our 17+ recorded workshops and look forward to again offering live workshops by summer quarter. Not hosting live workshops in April allows us to dedicate our time to working individually with students via coaching. The library will hold three live workshops using Zoom: Citation Management with Zotero, Library Quick Start, and Thesis Quick Start. Seven sessions will be offered in weeks 2–4, and 6. Visit the GWC workshop website for information and sign up.

Q9: Where else can I get other reliable guidance on writing topics?

A9: Visit the GWC Resources page, which lists alphabetically over 100 topics individually (right-hand column) and thematically (left-hand column). The subpages contain handouts, video links, and books held by the library, many of which are online.

Q10: Can I still get iThenticate plagiarism checks run by the GWC?

A10: Yes, sign up for coaching and request this service, or email us at

Q11: How do I get credit for Foundations of Academic Writing, which is mandatory for all new students in their first quarter?

A11: Visit our Foundations of Academic Writing website under our website’s “Workshops” tab. Watch one video from each of the five topics. Download the slides for reference. Then, email your program officer and the GWC to attest that you have done so.  

Q12: Are there any specific resources for helping me with writing comprehensive exams or a thesis, final project report, capstone report, or dissertation?

 A12: Yes.