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Q1: What is the status of general mass trainings (GMT) sessions? 

A1: All general and face-to-face GMT sessions are cancelled until further notice. 

Q2: Are online trainings available? 

A2: Both the Suicide Prevention and Reporting and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response required trainings can be completed at the Training website, linked here. Links are available at the site to certify completion of each training, which may take several days to post in TWMS or FLTMPS. 

Q3: How do I complete my training requirements? 

A3:  See the NPS Civilian Training website here for the list of annual mandatory training requirements.

All training should be completed via TWMS. If you are unable to do your training via TWMS, go to Navy eLearning or NeL to complete comparable training. The name and number of the NeL comparable courses can be found here. The self-study and self-certification list can be found  here.

To complete the FY20 DRUG FREE WORKPLACE: Please refer to the Drug-Free Workplace document and Marijuana Factsheet, and/or contact the Human Resources Office at: Please click here to certify that you have completed this training. 

To complete the FY20 PHYSICAL SECURITY (ACTIVE SHOOTER):  Please watch the Active Shooter video, "Run - Hide - Fight" (5 min).  Please click here to certify that you have completed this training. 

Note: TWMS does require the use of VPN.  

Q4: How do I reach the Training Office? 

A4: Contact the Training Office at or (831) 656-1187/1098. Contact your branch office if outside the DON. Find updates at the NPS Military Training website here and the NPS Civilian Training website here.