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Commercial Virtual Remote Environment


Q1: What is the Commercial Virtual Remote (CVR) environment?

A1: The CVR environment is a commercially available collaboration tool tailored for DOD customers, leveraging Microsoft Teams. You can use the CVR environment to chat, meet with audio and video, and develop and share content. You will not be able to use this tool to send and receive emails.

Q2: Who does the Commercial Virtual Remote environment support? 

A2: The CVR environment was created to help the DOD community work remotely from anywhere in the world during the COVID-19 national emergency. This capability is designed for DOD teleworkers, but may be used with some limitations via Virtual Private Network and in the office.

Q3: How do I use the CVR? 

A3: STEP 1: Visit the CVR Hub:

Tip 1:

  • You must disconnect from your VPN to access the CVR Hub for the first time.

Tip 2:

  • You may have a more seamless experience using a device that is not connected to NIPRNet. If you are using a government device, you may need to copy and paste the URLs in this email to your web browser.


  • Contact ITACS to receive your email and temporary password for initial login. 


  • When you initially sign in to the CVR environment, you will be prompted to change your temporary password. 


  • As prompted, set up your multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • The User Log-on Guide (available here: provides details regarding this step.
  • Note: If possible, use the Microsoft Authenticator application because we have limited licenses for other MFA options

STEP 5: 

  • On your personal computer - open your web browser and go directly to the Microsoft Teams website: or install the Microsoft Teams desktop application: It's free
  • On your personal phone - you can download Microsoft Teams and other apps from mobile app stores (like Apple App Store and Google Play).
  • On your DoD issued phone and/or NIPR computer - go to for more information about how to get access to Microsoft Teams via an approved browser or application.
  • Visit the CVR Hub - Take a look around the CVR Hub ( to learn more about CVR and how to get assistance if you encounter any issues.

Q4: What are the CVR environment directives?

A4: DO use for basic Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) to include For Official Use Only (FOUO) with limited exceptions;


  • Conduct, store, edit, share, discuss, draw or transmit ANY Classified work.
  • Conduct non-DOD activities.
  • Download any material onto personal devices from the CVR environment.
  • Remember that the Standard Mandatory DOD Notice and Consent Banner applies to the CVR environment; you can review the banner here:
  • NOTE: This is a DOD Information System, as such, there is no expectation of privacy in the CVR environment just as with other DoD communication platforms, whether or not you are accessing this communication platform from your personal devices or a DOD issued device. All communications and activities within the CVR environment are subject to monitoring. Any person who conducts unlawful or otherwise inappropriate activities with or through the CVR environment may be subject to administrative or other judicial or non-judicial proceedings.

Q5: How do I get help using the CVR? 

A5: Account set-up: you can download the User Log-On Guide at