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COVID19 Reimbursable Research

Reimbursable Research


Q1: What do I do if my work is funded as a reimbursable?

A1:      To telework, ensure your agreement is current, and you have proper connectivity from home and VPN access. If you telework or work through DL, charge your labor to the appropriate FIP/JON.
Q2: What if my work is funded as a reimbursable, but I cannot work remotely?

A2:      It may be possible during some phases of an outbreak that a small number of critical research personnel will have monitored access to laboratory spaces. The academic deans are compiling a list of faculty and students whose projects cannot make substantive progress without intermittent access to the university‚Äôs physical facilities.   
Q3: What if my work is funded as a reimbursable, but I cannot complete my work
        remotely or I am under a travel restriction?

A3:      Contact your supervisor and/or project sponsor to determine if the project can be modified to accommodate your work restrictions, or if not, whether you can be temporarily assigned to alternate duties to maintain your current employment status.  If you are an intermittent employee, continued pay is dependent on available work.  If you are not able to perform the project/work to which you are assigned, you may be removed from duty status.If excluded from coming on campus, contact your project sponsor to determine if there are alternative goals that can be accomplished remotely and/or whether the project and associated funding can be postponed. If the project/work cannot be completed due to base closure or cancelled travel, critical researchers may be furloughed.