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COVID19 Timekeeping Pay



Q1. Can I be prohibited from coming to work after contracting COVID-19?

A1: Yes. NPS is obligated to provide a safe campus and workplace for everyone.

  • Pay may depend on the nature of your job responsibilities.
  • You can use accrued paid leave.
  • You can work from home with supervisory approval and a telework agreement.
  • See NPS HR for more details: https://nps/edu/web/hro

Q2: How do I code telework in SLDCADA?

A2: Guidance regarding timecards in SLDCADA:

  • If performing situational telework (i.e., due to COVID-19), timecards should be coded with Type Hour Code (THC) RG and Environmental Hazard Code (Ehz) TS for Telework Situational.
  • If working on a regular and recurring telework day (teleworking every Wednesday each pay period), timecards should continue to be coded with Type Hour Code (THC) RG and Environmental Hazard Code (Ehz) TW for Telework Regular.
  • If your supervisor determined that you are unable to perform work from home (or at an another approved location), and you have not been granted an exception to work from an NPS workspace, timecards should be coded with Type Hour Code (THC) LN and Environmental Hazard Code (Ehz) PS for Weather and Safety Leave. (NOTE: Weather and Safety Leave must be pre-approved by coordination through your supervisor, who should have already conferred with HR.
  • Weather and Safety Leave is ONLY available to federal civilian employees (AD, GS, and WG).

The government does not control contractor employee leave entitlements; contractor personnel should work within their own supervisory chain for guidance on what leave options may be available to them.

For questions, contact HRO at or the Timekeeping Department at

Q3: If NPS moves to a telework situation, how will time be documented if personnel do not have CAC readers and access to SLDCDA?

A3: It is essential that current supervisors ensure they have access to SLDCDA at home and that they have permissions to certify any subordinate employees to include covering for any subordinate supervisors that may not have access.


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Q3: If I contract COVID-19 through performance of my assigned duties, do I receive hazard pay or environmental differential pay?

A3: GS employees may receive additional pay for the performance of hazardous duty or that involving physical hardship. The Agency will determine that exposure was due to the performance of assigned duties and that the duty has not been taken into account in the classification of the employee’s position. Hazard pay is not payable if safety precautions have reduced the element of hazard to a less than significant level of risk, consistent with generally accepted standards that may be applicable.

  • Environmental differential pay may be granted if an employee has been exposed to a working condition, physical hardship of an unusually severe nature. Determinations for qualifications are made on a case-by-case basis.
  • If either form of pay is granted, it is at the Agency’s direction.

Q5: Will the mandatory shelter-in-place directive affect my locality pay? 

A5: Telework employees for NPS that generally commute at least twice per pay period but are temporarily unable to do so due to the county’s shelter in place requirements can continue to telework without a change in locality pay.