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COVID19 Facilities Services



Q1: What is the current status of the installation?

A1: NSA Monterey and its associated properties will remain open to support the mission of our tenants. While NSAM staff are maximizing telework where possible and practicable, we will effectively carry out the mission and meet the critical needs of personnel.

NSA Monterey has set HPCON C MINUS. What this means is the base is employing stringent health protection measures focused on cleaning/sanitation, social distancing, cancelling public events and maximizing telework where practicable, health questionnaires at entry control points and closing or reducing some base services. 

Q2: What is/are the conditions needed for the Navy to move to HPCON C and D? 

A2: The decision to transition from one HPCON to another will be based on a continuous assessment of the rapidly changing conditions. HPCON D is a Severe situation, categorized was high community transmission and high mortality rate from illness. Our understanding of the coronavirus is rapidly evolving, and we may have to implement further measures to combat the spread of this virus.  

Q3: What can we expect in HPCON D:   

A3: The catalyst for elevation to HPCON D will most likely be the case load for the number of those affected within the community and around our local bases – NSAM and POM.  HPCON D empowers more stringent reduction in services, such as the CDC and SAC, but those tools aren’t always required to be reduced. Keep in mind, we have already reduced services at NSA Monterey we are maximizing telework to the extent practicable to mirror and even go beyond those still offered outside our fence line.  NSAM tenant commands are exercising Distance Learning and max teleworking, along with identifying many other functions within their commands that can be performed away from the work place and at home.  Unless we see significant case numbers go up in not only Monterey County but throughout California and around our sister bases, expect that our current measures and services will remain the same.  NSA Monterey will continue to keep all informed. 

Q4: What is the current status of Base Functions and Services?

A4: Most base services are working as normal to support our tenants, but some are closed or have adjusted hours/services:                       

Entry Control Points:

  • The Sloat gate and Annex gates remain available 24/7.
  • The Del Monte gate is closed until further notice due to reduced traffic.
  • The Visitor Control Center is limited to 1 customer at a time inside the visitor control center building. VCC open and under normal hours.
  • The 3 NPS turnstiles on the main campus are closed to inbound foot traffic to ensure 100% receive verbal questioning at our entry control points as a method to minimize COVID-19 exposure to the base.
  • The Annex turnstile is out of service awaiting repair.

Navy Lodge: Playground closed.  La Mesa and Ord Military Community Housing playgrounds also closed. 

NGIS/Navy Lodge: Status Open for military/tenant required travel.  Guest with current leisure travel reservations between now and 11 May will be cancelled.

Fleet and Family Services: FFSC is still currently open, but is not seeing clients in person due to the COVID-19 precautions.  Clients that want to speak to a PFM can schedule an appointment and the counseling will be over the phone. Call 831-656-3528 to schedule an appointment.

MWR ITT Ticket Office: Closed.

Golf Course: Closed.

NSAM Dental Clinic: Providing emergency care only.  Exams are deferred unless there is absolute urgent need for the exam to be done, which will be considered on a case by case basis (being dental class 4 doesn't qualify as an emergency).  We will still allow check ins to drop off their dental records but prefer them to call first (our clinic front desk number 831-656-2477).  

MEDICAL:  Medical sick call is open on a walk-in basis (0630-0730). 

NSAM ID Card Lab: ID Card lab services will be limited to those in emergent need only, and services are limited to: Initial CAC issuance, Lost/Stolen CAC or Teslin ID card issuances, CAC/Teslin card renewals for cards set to expire in the next 30 days, and pin resets. 

Starbucks: Closed until further notice.

Café Del Monte: Closed until further notice.

El Prado: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for to-go, takeout options.  

Trident Room: Closed. 

NEX/Gas station/Autoport: Open. NEX will be closed on Sundays only, due to a low volume of business.  It will remain open for normal hours Mon-Sat.

NEX Barber Shop:  Closed until further notice.

Gym: Closed.

Chapel: Closed for worship services.  Counseling services available and will continue to be provided. 

RV park: Open. No reduction in services.

Post Office: Open.

N9 Admin office: Closed. Staff to telework.

Q5: Are the Commissary and Navy Exchange open?

A5: Yes. The Commissaries remain open, and will conduct 100% I.D. card checks at the entrance of all stores and will revoke the visitor policy. These measures are in place to reduce the number of people in stores, support social distancing, and minimize crowds. Additionally, “early bird” shopping hours have been eliminated to allow more time for cleaning and re-stocking.

  • Individuals who are authorized patrons but lack the ability to shop for themselves, may have a personal agent shop for them, if the personal agent possess a written letter of authorization.
  • Each authorized patron is only authorized to use one shopping cart. This measure is to facilitate social distancing by enabling patrons to checkout more rapidly and to allocate limited supplies and services.
  • All purchases, with the exception of produce, are limited to two of any item. This ensures that every member of our military community has the opportunity to receive their commissary benefits 
  • No personal bags can be used.  Store offered bags must be used for hygienic purposes.  Please recycle the bags in the recycle containers located outside not only the Commissary on your next visit.  
  • Active duty military in uniform have exclusive access at the Commissary on Saturdays from 0830-1030. Dependents may enter, but must be with Service Member in uniform, and are limited to one cart for the Service Member.

Navy Exchanges are remaining open to support the military community and their families.  The stores are taking appropriate precautions, such as extra cleaning, continuing to provide wipes and hand sanitizing stations, etc. to minimize the spread of germs. The NSAM NEX is limiting quantities of certain products to one per customer, per day. Products limited to one per customer per day include, but are not limited to, based on in-stock levels: 

Bath tissue

Facial tissue


Cleaning wipes

Paper towels

Hand Sanitizer/Hand soap

Rubbing Alcohol




2 per customer per day:


Baby Wipes


Q6: For the commissary, is there any allowance for large families to purchase more than 2 items of a certain type in order to minimize trips and risk?

A6: Service members with large families may be granted a letter from the Presidio of Monterey authorizing them to purchase more than two items. Please work with your chain of command to coordinate with the Presidio of Monterey if you have a large family struggling with the two-item limit.

Q7: Can contractors shop at the commissary?

A7: Authorized commissary patrons as defined by Department of Defense Instruction 1330.17, DoD Commissary Program, include active duty, Guard and Reserve members, military retirees, Medal of Honor recipients, 100 percent disabled veterans, and their authorized family members.

The Defense Commissary Agency has no authority to determine whether a person is authorized to shop in the commissary. If you believe you may be entitled to commissary privileges, visit your local installation Pass and ID office for information about military benefits and to obtain an ID card consistent with your entitlements.

Q8: Is the NEX Barber Shop open?

A8: The NEX Barber Shop is closed until further notice to minimize exposure to COVID-19 in compliance with the CNO’s NAVADMIN 073/20 announcing the temporary relaxation of male and female hair length grooming standards. 

Q9: What is the current status of CAL MED Clinics? 

A9: As of March 25, 2020:

  • The POM clinic has started prescreening all patients and staff for COVID-19 outside the front doors of health clinic.
  • POM Primary Care Clinic and Gourley Clinic: OPEN; Transitioning to acute and teleHealth appointments only. Routine appointments will be delayed. This action will improve access for sick beneficiaries. If a unit requires an exception to this change (e.g., Separation physical that cannot be delayed), please let your provider know.
  • Behavioral Health: OPEN; transitioning to acute and telehealth appointments. MAJ Powell will be in contact with units to coordinate safety POC for teleBH appointments.
  • Physical Therapy: OPEN; will reduce capacity, focus on acute injuries and post-operative rehabilitation and teleHealth. Will remain at Price Fitness Center.
  • Optometry: CLOSED; thru 25 March 2020.
  • Wellness center: CLOSED; staff shifted to support other missions.
  • Pharmacy: OPEN; patients will receive extended supply if available. Recommend beneficiaries use Express Scripts
  • Lab: OPEN.
  • Radiology: OPEN; may vary due to staffing.
  • Readiness and Immersion physicals and immunizations: CLOSED; exceptions will be determined on a case by case basis.

Q10: What is the current status of Sexual Assault and Response Services? 

A10: Jen Schoen, NSA Monterey’s Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator, is currently teleworking from 0800-1630 Mon-Friday, but remains on call 24/7 for sexual assault issues.  All survivors of sexual assault will be provided support, resource information, and one on one consultations, if needed. Jen has the Unit Victim Advocate 24/7 Watch bill currently running through 15APR, and has the next watch ready to go for the time period covering 15APR-26AUG. 

The next 40-hour Initial Victim Advocate class is scheduled for 8-12 JUN. Jen is asking each command to be aggressive in seeking more volunteers to be Victim Advocates in meeting the needs of a critical program. 

As an FYI, all SACMGs will be postponed or cancelled until further notice. 

Q11: What is the current status of the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC)?

A11:  FFSC is still currently open, but is not seeing clients in person due to the COVID-19 precautions.  Clients that want to speak to a PFM can schedule an appointment and the counseling will be over the phone. Call 831-656-3528 to schedule an appointment. All FFSC workshops have been cancelled until further notice.  We will send out additional information as the situation changes. You may also check our Facebook page at for the most up-to-date information. The PFM is available to provide training over the phone to your command, using the CNIC standardized CFS curriculum. Contact us at  for further details.

Q12: What is the current status of the Chaplain’s office? 

A12:  The Chapel is closed for Sunday Worship services only.  All other Chaplain services, both Protestant and Catholic, are available.

Q13: What is the current status of the Fleet Logistics Center (FLC)?

A13: FLC and Supply outlets (official mail center, warehouse, house hold goods) are open for business. House hold goods is closed to foot traffic, but is still reviewing and processing applications submitted at for carrier assignment as allowed by the DoD Stop Movement order. The DoD Stop Movement order placed all household goods associated with PCS moves are on hold.  Separations and retirement moves are still being processed. If a member is in the middle of PCS at this time, they need to request a waiver from PERS 451. All FFSC workshops have been cancelled until further notice.  We will send out additional information as the situation changes.

Q14: What is the current status of the Child Development Center (CDC)/School Age Care?

A14: Effective 30 March 2020, only patrons designated as Mission Critical by their command (without the ability to telework or distance learn) will receive care. Single/Dual Military parent NPS Students will be deemed as Mission Critical. Use the Essential Childcare Declaration sent out by the Child Youth Programs office for school signature for your Mission Critical designation.

  • All childcare staff members, parents and children will receive a health screening upon arrival at the CDC and Tech Connection as a method to minimize COVID-19 exposure to children, staff and parents.  This screening will include a temperature check.  If the parent or child records a temperature of 100 or higher, the parent will be instructed to take the child home.  Care cannot be resumed until the individual has been cleared by a health professional in writing.
  • Parents are asked to self-screen their children prior to arriving at the center. The health of our military children as well as our childcare providers and staff members is a priority.
  • Parents are required to self-care for own children at home if Navy full-time telework agreement during COVID-19 pandemic is executed, parent fees will be waived/space saved.
  • Parent fees will be waived/space saved for all personnel who elect to voluntarily temporary withdrawal their child for at least two weeks or until May 1, 2020.
  • Due to COVID-19, the CDC will continue to adapt its operations as necessary to meet both the Navy’s mission and family requirements while ensuring the children in our care and our professionals are healthy and safe.

Please keep in mind that as the situation evolves (and if restricted access to the base is ordered) and employees are to remain at home, the CDC will shift to children of Mission-Essential Personnel only.

Q15: Will I lose my spot at CDC if I keep my child home?

A15: No. Parent fees will be waived and spaces saved for parents who are required to self-care for their own children at home if a Navy full-time telework agreement is executed during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Parent fees will also be waived and spaces saved for all personnel who elect to voluntarily and temporarily withdraw their child for at least two weeks or until May 1, 2020.