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COVID19 Telephone VTC



Q1:  How do I manage my office phone calls and/or check my voicemails?

A1:    To check voicemails:  At the prompt, input the last four digits of your extension and your voicemail passcode to access messages.
For full instructions, please see the Voicemail Support Wiki page.

  • To forward your office phone number to a cell phone, press *22 and then the number you wish to forward to. Do not forget to add the “9” to access the outside line. Example (*22 9 18315551212).  To stop call forwarding, press #22.

Q2:  How do I forward telephone calls from my NPS extension to my cell phone?

A2: To activate call forwarding to a cell phone:
•    Press *22
•    Enter the number to forward calls
•    Listen for the confirmation tone ("dut-dut-dut").
•    Remember to add the "9" to access an outside line. Example: *22 9 1 8315551212
To deactivate call forwarding:
•    Press #22
•    Listen for the confirmation tone ("dut-dut-dut")
Unanswered calls will go to the cellphone’s voicemail rather than your NPS voicemail. Test to ensure you can activate and deactivate forwarding features correctly.
For this and other phone-related teleworking information, see the Telephone/VTC section of the COVID-19 FAQ:
If you have any questions or difficulty setting up call forwarding, please contact the Telecommunications Office (, 831-656-1033).

Q3: How do I host a conference call?

A3:    To host conference calls, use:

  • Sonexis Conference Manager – Any currently scheduled conferences will proceed normally.  If you are dialing in from off-campus, you will need to dial 831-656-6500 to start the call.
  • Zoom – Users with NPS Zoom accounts may create and host sessions with up to 100 participants. Each session includes an audio bridge, so you can use Zoom as an audio conference tool. You may invite participants outside NPS; they do not need an NPS Zoom account. (POC for Zoom accounts: CLE 831-656-2020, Zoom/Collaborate can be used to include non-NPS participants (and provides for participants to call in via phone)
  • Microsoft Teams – For authenticated NPS users only, an option only appropriate if all users qualify as such. Using Teams for audio calls will consume cellular data unless your mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi.

Q4: Can I participate in a VTC session from home?

A4: Audio-only dial-in for VTC sessions will be available.

  • Teleworkers may be able to use the Jabber Video client to participate in VTC sessions. Availability may be affected by conditions at other DOD activities and any DOD hubs required for the connection.
  • Please contact the VTC office to discuss.