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Congratulations and Welcome to the Naval Postgraduate School

Welcome Aboard Letters have been sent for the Mach 2024 class. If you have not received one, check the -email address you used on your application.

Welcome aboard letters are sent to U.S. Military and U.S. civilian students around a month prior to our expected arrival dates. The email address you designated in your admissions application will be the address used for delivery of the Welcome Aboard Letter. If your email address has changed, you must update it at the following link NPS Online Application FormIf you are within 30 days of your report date, and have not received information on how to check in, contact student affairs at sa@nps.edu . You will need a computer with internet access and a telephone to complete the initial check-in.  

September Welcome letters should be sent at the end of July

December Welcome letters should be sent at the end of October 

March Welcome letters should be sent at the end of January

June Welcome letters should be sent at the end of April


International Students:

Congratulations on your orders to the Naval Postgraduate School.  Your onboarding process will be handled by the International Graduate Programs Office, and follows a different protocol than that of your US counterparts.  Look for advance information and pre-arrival assignments to be sent to you via email about two weeks prior to your report date.  We look forward to welcoming you soon.  Please contact IntlDept@nps.edu with questions.


Local and NPS specific guidance can be found here and our safety site. 

Procedures for bringing firearms into California:  If you are traveling with and plan to keep firearms while in California please click HERE for further instructions.

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  • Step 1:  NPS Systems and Email Account.  You will receive an email from NPSFlowAdmin titled “Naval Postgraduate School - System Authorization Access Request Form (SAAR).”  This email will start the process for granting an NPS username and initial password.  In order to complete the process, you will have to complete the following training: Information Assurance (IA) Awareness and Privacy/PII and provide certificates showing that your training for both is current.  Once you log into your account for the first time, be sure to access it every 30 days or the account will be locked.  If you experience any problems with your login or password, contact the NPS ITACS Help Desk at (831) 656-1046 or at ithelp@nps.edu. 
  • Step 2:  Complete Virtual In-Processing.  Once you receive your user ID and password, you must complete Virtual In-Processing (VIP).  VIP can be accomplished by completing the following:
    • a. Update/Change Password. First change your 'temp-password'. To do so, navigate to the NPS Office 365 Portal. Click on the “New user?” link and follow the instructions for setting your new password. After your new password is set, sign into NPS Mail365 and follow the prompts to register for Microsoft Multi-factor Authentication and Self-service Password Reset.
    • b. Access your Email. Access your email via NPS Mail365 (Must be accessed once/month to remain active)
    • c. Establish Remote Access. To access NPS Applications from off-campus, establish a virtual desktop by using 'Cloudlab HTML Access' via the Technology Remote Access page.
    • d. Update Personal/Family Information in PYTHON.  Once remote access is established, log-in to PYTHON, click “My Profile,” and update your phone number, address, and your family information. If you do not have a local address, use your current address and update once local residence is established in the Monterey area.
    • e. Send Identification Photo. Send an appropriate personal photo in any working uniform to SA@nps.edu. This photo should be a front view from the shoulders up in .jpeg format. The photo will be uploaded into PYTHON and used by faculty and staff as a means of identification.
  • Step 3:  Check-In at Student Services Office.  All students are required to physically check-in in uniform at the Student Services Office before clicking HERE to begin your official check-in process (YOU MUST BE IN THE LOCAL AREA TO CHECK-IN UNLESS TOLD OTHERWISE BY AN NPS STAFF MEMBER) . A member from the Student Services team will contact you to complete your check-in.  Please allow 3 business days for a team member to contact you after your initial check-in. If you have not heard from Student Services after three days email sa@nps.edu.
    • Note:  Arrival at NPS outside of the dates published on orders requires exceptional circumstances and should be coordinated in advance with your parent manpower authorities and NPS student services.
        • USN: MUST schedule an appointment bring; Endorsed Orders, Page 2, SGLI and Vehicle Registration, Flight Itinerary, Rental Car Receipt, Lodging Receipt to complete any applicable travel claims (transfers@nps.edu)   
  • Step 4: Complete the Check-in sheet.(DO NOT COMPLETE UNLESS YOU ARE IN THE AREA AND CHECKING IN IAW YOUR ORDERS) The Check-in sheet lists offices in the Monterey area you will need to contact in order to ensure your pay, medical benefits, and other basic needs are established. This must be completed by all incoming students by the end of the first week of classes. Once completed, return the check-in sheet to Student Services (electronically).
  • Step 5:  Commence "Daily Muster".  Upon your arrival, you will be required to muster daily via the Student Check-In Page. Read all announcements and then follow the instructions at the bottom of the page to complete muster.

Attend New Student Orientation.  This will be held in person in King Hall. Please check muster page to confirm date and time.

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The following videos are provided as an informal introduction to NPS and the surrounding area.

Welcome Aboard Video

NPS Video

Additional Information:

Student Handbook: Maintained by the Dean of Students to disseminate NPS policy concerning student matters.

Additional information can be found in the Resource Links on the right side of this page.

K-12th School related issues/special needs: Please contact the NSA Monterey School Liaison Officer, via Tel (831) 242-6904

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Additional Resources

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