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Virtual Town Hall  |   Wednesday 1 April

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What to do if you get sick? (pdf)

Answers to NSAM's COVID-19 frequently asked questions.


COVID-19 Updates:

The base(s) will remain open to support the mission of our tenants. Our top priorities are to protect our people and maintain mission readiness. NSAM will effectively carry out the mission and take the appropriate steps to protect the health of our force and local community.


Status of base functions and services (Wednesday, 1 April):

Most base services are open to support our tenants, but some are closed or have adjusted hours/services:

Entry Control Points:

  • The Sloat gate and Annex gates remain available 24/7.
  • The Del Monte gate is closed until further notice due to reduced traffic.
  • The Visitor Control Center is limited to 1 customer at a time inside the visitor control center building. VCC open and under normal hours.
  • The 3 NPS turnstiles on the main campus are closed to inbound foot traffic to ensure 100% receive verbal questioning at our entry control points as a method to minimize COVID-19 exposure to the base.
  • The Annex turnstile is out of service awaiting repair.

Child Development Center: Effective 30 March 2020, only patrons designated as Mission Critical by their command (without the ability to telework or distance learn) will receive care. Single/Dual Military parent NPS Students will be deemed as Mission Critical. Use the Essential Childcare Declaration sent out by the Child Youth Programs office for school signature for your Mission Critical designation.

  • All childcare staff members, parents and children will receive a health screening upon arrival at the CDC and Tech Connection as a method to minimize COVID-19 exposure to children, staff and parents.  This screening will include a temperature check.  If the parent or child records a temperature of 100 or higher, the parent will be instructed to take the child home.  Care cannot be resumed until the individual has been cleared by a health professional in writing.
  • Parents are asked to self-screen their children prior to arriving at the center. The health of our military children as well as our childcare providers and staff members is a priority.
  • Parents are required to self-care for own children at home if Navy full-time telework agreement during COVID-19 pandemic is executed, parent fees will be waived/space saved.
  • Parent fees will be waived/space saved for all personnel who elect to voluntarily temporary withdrawal their child for at least two weeks or until May 1, 2020.
  • Due to COVID-19, the CDC will continue to adapt its operations as necessary to meet both the Navy’s mission and family requirements while ensuring the children in our care and our professionals are healthy and safe.

Please keep in mind that as the situation evolves (and if restricted access to the base is ordered) and employees are to remain at home, the CDC will shift to children of Mission-Essential Personnel only.

Navy Lodge: Playground closed.  La Mesa and Ord Military Community Housing playgrounds also closed. 

NGIS/Navy Lodge: Status Open for military/tenant required travel.  Guest with current leisure travel reservations between now and 11 May will be cancelled.

Fleet and Family Services: FFSC is still currently open, but is not seeing clients in person due to the COVID-19 precautions.  Clients that want to speak to a PFM can schedule an appointment and the counseling will be over the phone. Call 831-656-3528 to schedule an appointment.

MWR ITT Ticket Office: Closed.

Golf Course: Closed.

NSAM Dental Clinic: Providing emergency care only.  Exams are deferred unless there is absolute urgent need for the exam to be done, which will be considered on a case by case basis (being dental class 4 doesn't qualify as an emergency).  We will still allow check ins to drop off their dental records but prefer them to call first (our clinic front desk number 831-656-2477).  

MEDICAL: Medical sick call is open on a walk-in basis (0630-0730). 

NSAM ID Card Lab: ID Card lab services will be limited to those in emergent need only, and services are limited to: Initial CAC issuance, Lost/Stolen CAC or Teslin ID card issuances, CAC/Teslin card renewals for cards set to expire in the next 30 days, newly retired service members, dependent enrollment (Active Duty and Retirees only), dependent IDs expiring within 30 days, and pin resets. 

Appointments can be made at https://rapids-appointments.dmdc.osd.mil (mobile friendly)

Site Locator https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/rsl (mobile friendly)

Starbucks: Closed until further notice.

Café Del Monte: Closed until further notice.

El Prado: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for to-go, takeout options.  

Trident Room: Closed. 

NEX/Gas station/Autoport: Open. NEX will be closed on Sundays only, due to a low volume of business.  It will remain open for normal hours Mon-Sat.

NEX Barber Shop:  Closed until further notice.

Gym: Closed.

Chapel: Closed for worship services.  Counseling services available and will continue to be provided. 

RV park: Open. Not accepting future reservations at this time. Existing reservations will be honored. Current residents have extensions for the duration in the COVID-19 environment..

Post Office: Open.

N9 Admin office: Closed. Staff to telework.

SARC: NSA Monterey’s Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator is currently teleworking from 0800-1630 Mon-Friday, but remains on call 24/7 for sexual assault issues.  All survivors of sexual assault will be provided support, resource information, and one on one consultations, if needed.

Fleet Logistics Center: FLC and Supply outlets (official mail center, warehouse, house hold goods) are open for business. House hold goods is closed to foot traffic, but is still reviewing and processing applications submitted at www.move.mil for carrier assignment as allowed by the DoD Stop Movement order. The DoD Stop Movement order placed all household goods associated with PCS moves are on hold.  Separations and retirement moves are still being processed. If a member is in the middle of PCS at this time, they need to request a waiver from PERS 451.


Installation Information

Home to over 15 tenant commands, NSA Monterey provides primary support to the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Navy Research Lab (NRL), and the Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center (FNMOC). NPS is the largest producer of advanced graduate degrees for the Department of Defense and proudly graduates thousands every year from all services and from over 50 countries. NRL provides all scientific and weather modeling as well as atmospheric and aerosol studies. FNMOC provides the highest quality, most relevant and timely worldwide Meteorology and Oceanography support to U.S. and coalition forces from FNMOC's 24x7 Operations Center in Monterey. NSA Monterey supports over 160 buildings which are located on more than 626 acres.

Internal Links

Getting Here

Lat/Long Coordinates
36.599922, -121.872379
From San Francisco and San Jose
  1. Take US Route 101 South toward Prunedale
  2. At Prunedale, take CA Route 156 West to CA Route 1 South
  3. Proceed on CA Route 1 S to Monterey
  4. Take the "Del Monte Avenue" exit
  5. Follow the signs to Del Monte Avenue and turn left on Sloat Avenue
  6. Turn left at stop sign to enter the Main Gate

From Los Angeles and San Diego

  1. Take US Hwy 5 North toward Sacramento
  2. At Lost Hills, take CA Route 46 West toward Paso Robles
  3. At Paso Robles, take US Route 101 North toward Salinas
  4. At Salinas, take CA Route 68 West to Monterey
  5. Stay left on 68 W to merge onto CA Route 1 South
  6. Take the first "Monterey" exit
  7. Stay left on the exit, turn left onto Aguajito Road
  8. After .5 miles turn left at Mark Thomas Drive
  9. Follow Mark Thomas Drive to Sloat Avenue
  10. Turn right at the stop sign to enter the Main Gate

From Monterey Peninsula Airport

  1. The road leading out of the airport is Olmstead Road
  2. Follow Olmstead Road to Garden Road - first street on the right
  3. Turn right onto Garden Road
  4. Take Garden Road to 3-way traffic light; turn left onto Mark Thomas Drive
  5. Turn right onto Sloat Avenue at first traffic light
  6. Turn right at stop sign to enter the Main Gate

Arriving By Air
Monterey is serviced by three major airlines with most flights connecting through San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, or Phoenix.

    Persons taking a taxi should direct the driver to take them to the "Main Gate at NPS".

Gate Hours


Gate Operations:

Sloat Main Gate: 24/7
Del-Monte gate: Closed.

ANNEX gate: 24/7

Gates hours and operations are subject to change at any time due to Force Protection needs.


  • Services are located at the Sloat Main Gate.
  • Please contact the office at 656-3643.
  • Customer Service hours are Monday through Friday, 0700 - 1130 and 1200 - 1500



Gate Access Procedures

  1. Sponsor has guest fill out and return SECNAV form. Personally Identifiable Information MUST be secured, if transmitted electronically. Encryption (via nps.edu network) or AMRDEC SAFE can be used.
  2. Sponsor completes NSAM Gate Access form.
  3. Sponsor sends encrypted form to mjrosas@nps.edu and jeflinn@nps.edu.
  4. Gate Access will notify when applicant has cleared or not cleared their back ground check.
  5. NOTE: If guests have already been vetted (within 1 calendar year through Naval Support Activity Monterey Gate Access), just fill out and submit the NSAM Gate Access form. Only the last four digits SSN# required for verification.
  6. Once vetted please go to the visitor center and get a pass. If you’re not able to get to the visitor center by normal working hours 7:00  – 1500 then please inform us at 831-656-3477. I’ll make arrangements to put you on a gate access list for the night or weekend depending on when you’re coming onto the base. The next working day you’ll need to go to visitor center to get a pass.


Gate Access Forms

AMRDEC SAFE Getting Started Guide (.pdf)

Base Access Flow Chart (.pdf)

NSAM Gate Access Instructions (.pdf)

NSAM Gate Access Request Form (.xlsx)

SECNAV 5512 Approved Access Form (.pdf)







ID Cards

ID Card Issuance: 

Location: Bldg 280, Stone Road
Phone:  831-656-1860

Monday - Friday: 0730-1600


* To schedule an appointment please use the following link: https://rapids-appointments.dmdc.osd.mil

* ID Card lab services will be limited to those in emergent need only, and services are limited to: Initial CAC issuance, Lost/Stolen CAC or Teslin ID card issuances, CAC/Teslin card renewals for cards set to expire in the next 30 days, and pin resets.

NSA Monterey Administrative Office


Phone Directory


Executive Office (831) 656-2279
Chaplain Ministries (831) 656-2241
Children & Youth Programs (831) 656-2734
Equal Employment Opportunity (831) 656-7614
Family Housing (831) 656-2151
Food Services (831) 656-1049

Non-Emergency Police Services

(831) 656-2556
ID Card CAC Issuance (831) 656-1860
Lodging (831) 656-2060/2069
Morale, Welfare & Recreation (MWR) (831) 656-2432
MILPERS Services (831) 656-1847/1846
Public Affairs  (831) 656-3098
Public Works (831) 656-2526
Senior Enlisted Advisor (831) 656-1980
Administration (831) 656-6988
Legal Office (831) 656-2506/3308