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Service Catalog
  • Accounts & passphrases
    NPS accounts, password management, permissions.
  • Help & Support
    Includes technology repair, contact information, hours, and locations
  • Remote Access & Wireless Services
    Remote access, VPN, BART, wireless network.
  • Email
    Includes set-up instructions, forwarding, list management, policies, and access to other services
  • Security & policies
    Includes security tools, recommendations, incident reports, and alerts
  • Computers & printing
    Includes student lab locations, hours, printing, and tools to find available stations
  • High Performance Computing
    Includes access to supercomputers, research-specific software and hardware, data visualization, high performance computing (HPC), classified computing, classifed network.
  • Download Software
    Access to enterprise software packages (NPS log-in requred).
  • Cloud Storage
    Online services for file storing, sharing, and accessing data over the Internet.
  • Cloud Services
    Cloud computing platforms in Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for academic, enterprise, and research workloads.