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The DOD Antivirus Software License Agreement with McAfee allows active DOD employees to utilize the antivirus software for home use. Home use of the antivirus products will not only protect personal PCs, but will also potentially lessen the threat of malicious logic being introduced to the workplace and compromising DOD networks. Contractors are excluded from using the software at home or on any other system not belonging to the DOD.

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), like all Commands, is vulnerable to computer viruses. NPS users must always follow sound security procedures to assist in maintaining a secure, active, preventative defense plan.

Users are advised that all mail, including known sources, may contain dangerous viruses. The ITACS Firewall protects NPS users overall, but users must exercise continual caution to prevent the introduction of any damaging penetration to the NPS computing network.

Viruses may be introduced to machines from Internet downloads, CDs, personal ZIP disks, personal floppy disks, other users' floppy disks, vendor software, conference handouts and personal machines. It is extremely important for NPS users to keep their office, laptop and home anti-virus software updated with the current signatures (virus definitions) at all times. Users are advised to always scan removable disks used for transporting information to the NPS and other computing networks with the most up-to-date signatures prior to introducing the information into the network.