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PhD Minor (EE)
Ph.D. Minor in Electrical Engineering

Purpose: The Naval Postgraduate School requires a Ph.D. candidate to minor in an area outside of the department of the candidate's specialization. The following requirements are expected of candidates minoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Eligibility: All Ph.D. candidates who have been successfully screened for entry into the Ph.D. program by their departments and have had a Ph.D. committee appointed. (The ECE Department must have one representative on the committee.)

Course Requirements: In order to fulfill the requirements of the Minor in ECE, a student must: 

  1. Take the courses (and prerequisites, if necessary) required by one of the options offered by the Department (see checklist (.doc .pdf) for Ph.D. Minor in EE), and receive an average QPR of 3.00 or better in these courses (not counting the prerequisite courses).
  2. Substitution of two or fewer courses in an option will be allowed only by written petition approved by the Ph.D. committee member from the ECE Department and the ECE Department Chairman


Program Approval: For help in setting up a minor or in answering any questions, see the ECE representative on your Ph.D. committee or the Department Chairman.

Certification of Meeting Minor Requirements: A student receives certification of meeting all of the minor requirements by preparing a copy of the attached checklist and submitting it to the ECE Ph.D. committee member with a transcript showing the grades received in the courses. The committee member will check the list to ensure that the requirements are met, will sign the checklist in the appropriate place, and forward the checklist to the Chairman of the ECE Department. The Chairman will review the checklist, sign the checklist, forward a memo to the candidate's Ph.D. committee certifying the completion of the minor requirements, and file the checklist in the ECE Department.

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