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The OnLine ECE Student Handbook becomes effective 5/01/00
and supersedes any previous printed copy of the Handbook

Dates of changes & modifications since 5/01/00Changes description
04/12New MSEE Degree requirements in place for students enrolled Spring quarter 2012 or later, see details here
10/01/08New distance learning program available: Master of Engineering with Major in Electrical Engineering ( MEng(EE), Distance learning)


New special distance learning program available:  Master of Science in Engineering Science with major in Electrical Engineering for graduates of the  Bettis Reactor Engineering School (BRES) ( MSES(EE)-NR, Distance learning )


New distance learning program available:  Master of Science in Electronic Systems Engineering (Electronic Warfare) ( MSESE(EW), Distance Learning )


590 Curriculum review changes: 1) Network engineering and sensor tracks are now open to USN students; 2) Introduction to object-oriented programming language no longer required for USN P-code requirements.(Note: Knowledge of computer science, i.e., at least one college-level computer science course) still required to meet undergraduate education requirements).


Effective today, 1) Prof. Cristi will be replacing Prof. Fouts as an AA for international/Army/Civilian students, 2) Prof. Fargues will handle US Navy/US MC/US CG students.


TSSE Certificate program changes


SMART Transcripts information added on default home page and in the "Practicalities" section


Specific information for IGEP students added.


Description of the Selection Process leading to the Outstanding MSEE Thesis Award added.


Addition of "Sensor Systems" MSEE Degree option. Option not approved by Navy sponsors as of 11/18/04, and USN students currently not eligible. Specific courses required for this option are included in the MSEE (pdf) checklist .


Addition of "Network Engineering" MSEE & MSES Degrees options. Option not approved by Navy sponsors as of 11/18/04, and USN students currently not eligible. Specific courses required for this option are included in the MSEE (pdf) & MSES (pdf)checklists .


Minor additions and modifications to MSEE and Electrical Engineering checklists, Formatting additions to the BSEE Checklist. Updated forms here


Description of the Selection Process leading to the Award of MSEE Degree with distinction added


Form (pdf) listing the paperwork required to set up/change/sign-off program matrix and checklists added (include changes made on Python)


MSEE Graduate Student Exit Survey Form appended at the back of all MSEE checklists (This form must be included with all final MSEE Checklists turned in during last quarter for signature. No MSEE Checklist will be signed without it). The Exit Survey Form is also separately available here (pdf).


BSEE Checklist changed for students first enrolled during Winter quarter 2002 or later.


MSEE requirements  changes; effective 4/01/01


Added E-Form versions for  MSEE (pdf) and  BSEE (pdf) Checklists


Added the Engineer's Degree Checklist (pdf)


EC2200 offered Fall and Spring quarters starting AY001


Clarifications added to the list of academic requirements for the Engineer's Degree (Section 2.a clarified, Section 2.e added)

MSEE requirements changes dated 4/01/01:

  • The following changes to the MSEE Requirements have been made:

    1. Section 4.b of the MSEE Checklist has been modified:
    "Total credits in ECE 3xxx and 4xxx courses (24 graded credits minimum)"
    has been changed to read:
    "Total credits in ECE 3xxx and 4xxx courses (30 graded credits minimum); up to 6 credits from graded graduate-level courses in other engineering and physical science departments can be substituted for ECE courses with the advanced approval of the ECE Academic Associate and Chairperson"

2. A graduate level Mathematics course is no longer required unless it is required by the specific option.

  • All students graduating  later than March 2002 will be required to meet the new requirements; although exceptions for students currently enrolled (as of Winter Quarter 2001) may be granted by petition to the EC Academic Associate, the ECE Chairperson, and the 590 Curriculum Officer.

  • Students graduating in March 2002 or before have the option of graduating under the old or the new requirements. They must must meet all of the new or the old requirements. They may not mix and match. Students graduating in June 2002 and later must meet the new requirements.

Changes to the last printed version of the Student Handbook dated 1/1/00 from the previous document dated 9/1/98:

  • Engineer=s Degree program admission policies and minimum requirements to stay within the program
  • Power Track for MSEE and MSES Degrees expanded to Solid State Microelectronics and Power Systems Track
  • Ph.D. Screening examination format
  • MSCE Degree requirements added to the Handbook
  • Required courses to the Communication Systems track. (Note: Only students graduating NLT 12/30/00 have the option to select either the old  or the new rules to satisfy the track requirements).
    • Old rules for comms option:
      • required courses: EC3500, EC3510, EC4550,
      • + at leat one of: EC3550, EC4500, EC4570,
      • +at least one of: EC4560, EC4580
  • Addition of new courses (EC4590, EC4510) Communication Systems track
  • EC3420 canceled and replaced with EC4440 in the DSP track
  • EC4470 discontinued
  • EC4430 added to the DSP track
  • EC4490 removed from the DSP track
  • EC4000 removed from elective list
  • EC3820 no longer offered on a regular basis
  • Various prerequisites changed (see flowcharts)

Changes to the BSEE Checklist dated 1/1/00:

  • A course in Chemistry is no longer required

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