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Nanoelectronics Systems Engineering

The nanoelectronic systems engineering research at NPS advances the state of the art in electronic, microelectromechanical, and nanotechnology technologies for military applications. The NPS faculty are involved with DoD research agencies and industry in research and development for space, strategic and robust military hardware needs.

Past and present efforts include 90nm and 130nm Si technologies, advanced compound semiconductor systems (InP, GaN), development of simulation tools with industry, multijunction solar cell demonstrations, high thermal capacity substrates, end-of-life examination of MEMs and nanotechnologies. Much of our research and development has been implemented into DoD space systems, strategic programs, and many military systems.

Our capability includes a new nanotechnology lab, carbon nanotube fabrication, MEMs release capability, environmental chambers, thermal probe stations, high frequency probers, full suite of TCAD/design software from several industry leaders, solar simulation sources, radiation sources (Flash X-ray and LINAC), and noise measurement labs.

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