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The Second Monterey Workshop on Computational Issues in Nonlinear Control

Marriott Hotel, Monterey, California

November 7 and 8, 2011

The Second Workshop on Computational Issues in Nonlinear Control was held November 7-8, 2011, at the Monterey Marriott Hotel in the beautiful city of Monterey on the central coast of California about 125 miles south of San Francisco.  Over the past several decades there has been tremendous progress in the development of nonlinear systems theory, but application of these ideas has lagged behind because of the lack of effective computational tools.  Computational nonlinear control is currently in a similar stage of development as that of computational linear control in the early 1980s.  At that time there was a well-developed theory of linear control but computational tools were lagging. Also at about that time, comprehensive tools such as MATLAB and Matrix X were being developed and put to great use in implementing the linear theory. Advancements in numerical methods, together with the exponential increase in computational power, have now made it possible to solve complex nonlinear problems, many of which are closely related to control system applications. Development of computational algorithms and software tools for control system applications has been accelerating in the past few years. Computation is needed and being developed both for off-line functions such as feedback design, simulation, and analysis, as well as for on-line functions associated with real-time feedback control that is implemented in embedded and/or networked processors. Of course, computations on digital computers are done in finite steps, and control algorithms must be solved or implemented using finite arithmetic. These key issues have led to many open questions. For nonlinear control systems, computational issues have long been a bottleneck - particularly on many important topics such as Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations; numerical calculation of optimal trajectories; real-time numerical computations in closed-loop feedback; and numerical calculation of invariant manifolds for filtering, robust control, and output regulation.  The First Monterey Workshop in 2009 was very successful in bringing together a diverse group of participants and we organized this second workshop to expand on those interactions. We brought together people from diverse communities with foci on the following topics: numerical calculation of optimal trajectories; computational PDEs with control and estimation; model predictive control; and applications including aero and space engineering, atmospheric physics, engine control and systems biology.  The workshop was funded by grants from AFOSR and NSF. It was organized by Wei Kang and Arthur J. Krener of Naval Postgraduate School and William McEneaney of University of California at San Diego.

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