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Classrooms of the Future (CoF) Initiative

The Teaching and Learning Commons 's Classroom of the Future initiative has been the leading project for FY19.  The output of this initiative is piloting one Flexible Learning Experiences (FLEx) classroom for each of the four schools, to identify several types that can be implemented campus wide based on the teaching and learning needs of the different schools.  Desired capabilities could include but not limited to:

  • A space that provides innovative and forward-thinking activities;
  • Ease of use and rearragement of the spaces (chairs, tables, choice in boards, projectors, technology) to fit different teaching styles; Sustainable; Video recording.
  • Futuristic capabilities to be considered in the future:  Virtual Reality, Distance Learning classroom.

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CoF FLEx Spaces


Upon completion of the Aviar Design project, the CoF team worked with representatives from each school to finalize room selection and design for the new Flexible Learning Experience (FLEx) spaces.  

GSDM: Ingersoll 285

GSOIS: Glasgow 122

SIGS: Glasgow 306

GSEAS: Spanagel 431


The classrooms are ready for instruction during winter 2020. To learn more about these spaces please visit the FLEx Spaces page



Current Classroom Feedback

Current Classroom Feedback Form


The CoF team recognizes that teaching looks different from one class/room to another, and understanding what works and doesn’t work is an essential component in finding compatible solutions. Our goal is to make sure specific needs of the NPS teaching and learning community are identified and ensure the right tools are chosen to accomplish the job. We encourage all faculty and students to take a moment and fill out the CoF feedback form so that our team can identify capabilities and functionalities of classrooms that are not being met as well as classrooms that are preferred for innovative teaching.

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Contact Us or Provide Feedback

We want to hear from you! Please submit your questions, ideas, and comments to TLC@nps.edu.


Note: The links to the companies below are for reference only, and not an endorsement of the companies, their products or services.

Designing Schools for a Modern Learning Environment (article)
Bright Tree Studios (business portfolio)
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Design Considerations for Classrooms

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