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null Former NSA Student LCDR Frost's New Article, “How to Fight Like a Small Navy and Win”

May 29, 2019

Former NSA student LCDR Jeffrey Frost has written a new article titled, “How to Fight Like a Small Navy and Win: Developing a Black Sea Strategy,” published on the U.S. Naval Institute blog on 28 May 2019. In the article, Frost discusses strategy in the Black Sea. He notes five elements of an approach for the development of a winning naval strategy for a possible future conflict with Russia in the Black Sea and its environs: Allied anti-access area denial (A2AD) posture, pushing the limits of the Montreux Convention, addressing the Turkish question, naval mining, and cost. He concludes, “By improving the A2AD concept—refining it with Western material, training, and skill—and then turning it against the Russian threat, an effective defense can be built for NATO allies in Southeastern Europe, and strategic stability on the continent can be preserved until the atmosphere of antagonism between Moscow and the West clears.”

LCDR Frost is currently stationed with U.S. Sixth Fleet in Naples, Italy. He graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School in December 2017. His thesis is on the assessment of possible improvements in NATO’s non-strategic nuclear force.

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