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null Chinese Foreign Policy Reviewed by NSA Student Maj. Christensen

March 10, 2020

The US Air Force Strategic Studies Quarterly published a book review by NSA student Major Temesha R. Christensen (USAF). Maj. Christensen, a current student, reviewed Chinese Foreign Policy: An Introduction by Marc Lanteigne (Routledge 2020). She finds the book is a good foundational piece for those who need or desire “to understand Chinese foreign policy, China’s role in international security, and China’s economic impact on the global market.” She notes the author finds China has not yet shown it is keen to fill the role of a super or great state power and is more a regional threat than a global one at this point.  

Maj. Christensen read the book for an NSA course and subsequently wrote and submitted the review.

To read the review, click here.