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C2 Tech Bridge at Marina AP (COA)

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The “C2 Tech Bridge at Marina airport” test site is located about 950 meters SSW from the East end of the Runway 11-29 of uncontrolled (Class G) Marina Municipal Airport (OAR/KOAR). The airport uses right-hand landing pattern for Rwy 29 and left-handed pattern for Rwy 11. This test site provides an opportunity to collaborate with UC MBEST and several Silicon Valley companies. NPS holds a FAA COA#: 2020-WSA-7196-USN-DoD waiver. UAS operations are conducted between University Drive and tarmac and are limited to 400ft above the ground.

  1. NPS UAS Flying at C2 Tech Bridge at Marina airport usually occurs on Fridays. All inquiries should be made through NPS UAS Ops with "Marina Testing" in the subject line.
  2. To operate at MBA Airfield the DD Form 2977 Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet is required (see example).
  3. Email the request for approval of Flight Schedule form to NPS UAS Ops with " Marina Approval Request" in the subject line, at least three business days before the scheduled event (see example).
  4. Driving directions to C2 Tech Bridge at Marina airport can be found here.
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Dr. Oleg Yakimenko
Distinguished Professor
Associate Dean of Research
(831) 656-2826

NPS UAS Ops Executive Board

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