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Why cite? 

Incorporating sources and citing the work of others correctly are critical in academia, not only to avoid plagiarism, but to establish the credibility of one's own work by following established norms and leaving an accurate data trail so that others can conduct follow-on research.

All unrestricted thesis drafts are checked for originality using iThenticate software. Advice for Acing Your iThenticate Review // FAQs


Citation guides

Chicago, APA, IEEE and More

Required or Preferred Styles by Department

Reference Software Tips and Guides

IEEE AND ASME USERS: If you're not using citation software for your citations, these steps ensure your bracketed citations are sequential.


Citing responsibly

Paraphrasing and Quoting for All Citation Styles

Borrowing Images, Tables, and Figures Fairly

Citing Bulleted and Numbered Lists

Citing Equations in IEEE

Using Signal Phrases Effectively

Citing Your Sources' Sources

Self-plagiarism (reusing your own previously published work)

What Is Common Knowledge? Handout, MIT




Citation Guide Tips

Citation guide tips

Citation Guide Tips, image


Plagiarism video--heading

Plagiarism's haunting legacy

Plagiarism (Video)
Plagiarism video--attribution

NPS thesis processors presented a modified version of this video to an appreciative crowd at the 2019 ACES: The Society for Editing conference in Providence, RI.

Citation Guides - Workshops




Paraphrasing and Quoting Like a Pro Register and View Slides

You’ve all heard what you shouldn’t be doing: don’t violate the Honor Code, don’t plagiarize, don’t forget the rules of academic integrity. This workshop focuses on what to do to avoid these serious problems. We give you the skills to confidently incorporate others’ words, ideas, analyses, models, and images into your own writing. You will gain experience summarizing, paraphrasing, and incorporating quotes from source material.

Citation Management with Zotero – Register and View Slides

Learn how to use Zotero, a free tool that you can use to centrally collect, manage, and format your references in APA, Chicago, IEEE, and other citation styles. We will also show you how to use Zotero’s Word plug-in to cite while you write your papers or thesis. This workshop is “hands on,” so bring your own laptop! Workshop size is limited, and registration at least 24 hours in advance is required. 


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