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All September graduates:

All September graduates are expected to attend the brief via Zoom, download the September handouts, when available, from this page and receive an attendance code from our staff.

A formatting brief for LaTeX will also be offered on 19 July. Signup information will be available the week before.

Future graduates are encouraged to attend. Because procedures vary from quarter to quarter, students must attend a brief during the quarter in which they graduate.


We will be offering three sessions. You need only attend one:
Tuesday, 13 July, noon
Wednesday, 14 July, noon
Thursday, 15 July, noon

Meeting link forthcoming. We recommend installing the Zoom software ("Zoom Client for Meetings") before attending the brief. Otherwise, you will need to install it as you enter the meeting.

Unable to attend?

A recording will be made available on this webpage the week after the live briefs. You will need to communicate with your ed tech to confirm attendance and receive an attendance code.



The June brief is available for convenience only. September graduates must attend the brief tailored to their class; see section at left. Sign in to watch the video and download the handouts and slides.

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