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The thesis brief tailored to December graduates will be 3, 4, & 5 October at noon. The brief will be offered even in the event of a government shutdown. 

The meeting link will be posted here on Tuesday, 3 October. If there is no shutdown, you will be able to attend the brief in person OR online. If there is a shutdown, the brief will be online only via Zoom.

Because procedures can vary from quarter to quarter, students are required to attend the brief during the quarter in which they graduate. The submission process, template, and forms are covered.

A recording of the brief will be available on this page approximately 3 business days after the last session. You will need to communicate with your ed tech (not TPO), to confirm attendance and receive an attendance code to enter into your Python thesis dashboard.

See the brief schedule for future quarters here






Sign in to watch the previous brief and download the handouts and slides. This older recording is available for informational purposes only; future graduates must attend a brief during the quarter in which they graduate.

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