Future Quarters Submission Dates - Title

Future due dates

Submitting Initial Drafts and Final Drafts to TPO by the due dates gives you the best chance to finish on time.

Dates are subject to change. Confirm your dates during your graduation quarter. The NPS academic calendar is available here

Future Quarters

December 2021 graduates (graduation day: 17 December)


Tuesday, 5 October, Noon, location TBD

Wednesday, 6 October, Noon, location TBD

Thursday, 7 October, Noon, location TBD


Thesis Initial Draft: 5 November

Thesis Final Draft: 3 December


International, using editor, Initial Draft to Thesis Processing: TBD

International, using editor, submit to editor for editing: TBD


Dissertation Initial Draft: 15 October

Dissertation Final Draft: 19 November