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Sharing your thesis with your advisory team, other approvers, and Thesis Processing


While researching and writing your thesis, you will need to share your progress with, and get feedback from, your advisors, other approvers, and the Thesis Processing Office.  Students must use one of the online file-sharing platforms below to share drafts with Thesis Processing, except where indicated


The use of these platforms for file-sharing with your advisors and other interested parties is optional but strongly encouraged. File-sharing software are superior to email for managing files that several people work on, and they provide a secure place to store and share theses that contain sensitive content. They also provide version control and version history.


Watch this video about finding and working with your thesis advisor(s) here.


Unsure of the difference between Python and SharePoint? Learn more here.




What do I use?


 Are you writing a classified thesis? No file-sharing platform is used; file-sharing is accomplished through in-person review inside secure labs and via classified email systems. See our classified review guidance


 Are you in the CHDS program? CHDS students should ignore all references to SharePoint. CHDS staff will provide Final Draft thesis files to the Thesis Processing Office for you. Please see your education technician if your thesis is restricted. If you are not using an editor, email for a custom SharePoint site.


 Does your thesis contain export-control information? If your thesis proposal or thesis contains export-controlled information, you must use a Box thesis site to share files with Thesis Processing. You may use the Box site to share files with advisors and other signatories, or you may send files via encrypted email instead. SharePoint 365 and regular email are not allowed per NPS policy. 

a.      Export Control Office

b.      Introduction to Box

c.      Questions?


 If none of the above apply to you, you must use SharePoint. Most students will use SharePoint. Students will receive their site URLs via email. Do not use SharePoint if your proposal or thesis is export controlled, classified, or written for CHDS; see the other options above.

a.       Common questions about SharePoint

b.       Working with files: uploading, editing, working in a team

c.       Giving access to others: in general, permissions are automatically granted

d.       Essential tips for using SharePoint