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Nested Applications
SharePoint, upload instructions


Uploading to SharePoint


At the bottom of your site, go to the desired folder.


Click the Upload button.



Click Choose File and select the file on your computer.

Choose file

Optional: Enter a comment in the Version Comments box.


Click OK.


A new window will appear. Click Check In

Check in


If you don't do the last step, others can't see the file!

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Downloading from SharePoint

Warning: Work offline to prevent corrupting your template, losing your work to a server timeout, or syncing failure:


Click on the three dots next to the file name.


Choose Download and save it to your computer.



Signal to others that you are in the file:

•Go back to your SharePoint site

Right-click on the file you just downloaded

•Choose Advanced

•Click Check Out. Your name will appear in the "Checked Out To" column. This prevents against multiple people working on the file at the same time.

Check out


Make changes as desired to your downloaded file.


Upload the new version from your computer and be sure to check it in. Keep the same file-naming convention: YYMon_Last_First.