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The template contains the pages and styles you need to format your paper, along with guidance on abstracts, figures, block quotes, and the like. If you are new to the template, please watch the formatting demonstration below. If you still have questions, contact a thesis processor. Microsoft Word must be version 2019 or later (or Mac equivalent). The template functions best with Word 2019 or Word 365, so we recommend these versions. Download Microsoft Office, which contains Word, here. We do not, however, recommend upgrading versions in the middle of writing of your thesis. If you do, please follow the compatibility settings carefully before upgrading. Do not use Word Online or Word in a browser to create your thesis. These programs are likely to severely change your formatting. 


Templates and Forms - Before You Begin, Naming your file

Before you begin

Naming your file

How to set up the template

Common errors that we mark (you fix)

Proofreading module

Sharing your file with Thesis Processing

Advice for acing your iThenticate review

Single author: YYMon_Last_First

Multi-author: YYMon_Last_Last_Last

SE or SEA capstone: YYMon_Last et al


YY = Year of graduation

Mon = Month of graduation (first three letters)

First and Last = as in Python

Last et al = Last of first author, followed by "et al"

Templates & Forms - Choose Your Template


Choose your template

Download                 Multi-line Figure Instructions  Multi-line Figure Instructions Macs

Note: The first eight pages of each thesis is outputted from the Python thesis dashboard.

Caution: Follow the instructions on page 1 of the template carefully to avoid formatting problems that can happen when the template is shared among multiple people.

Note: The first eight pages of each report is outputted from the Python thesis dashboard.

Download Template

SE Writing Manual

If your are working in the SCIF, the templates you need are available in its public "Templates" folder. Also, be sure to visit our classified guidance page.

If you are working in the STBL, see our classified guidance page.


 Steep learning curve—for the technically inclined only. See formatting video below.

 Need help? See our LaTeX formatting FAQ; watch the recorded crash course below; or ask your questions here.

 Download LaTeX template here



LaTeX formatting FAQ

Video - Thesis Crash Course (below)

Quick videos and tutorials

BibTeX samples for IEEE (also shown inside .bib file included in template)

BibTeX samples for INFORMS (also shown in the .bib file of the INFORMS template files).

Nested Applications
Format demo, Word, title over video


Thesis formatting demo WORD

Formatting video, Word, skin

Formatting demo, LaTeX, title over video


Thesis formatting demo LATEX

Formatting video, LaTeX skin