SharePoint, permissions instructions

Granting access to your SharePoint site

Only NPS users can access NPS thesis SharePoint sites.

Permissions are automatically granted when you make the following actions within your thesis dashboard:
1. Selecting advisors.
2. Selecting co-authors.
3. Routing your TPF or TRAF (all signors on the form will be granted access). 

Otherwise, to grant permissions at any time:


1. Click the Share button at the top right.


2. Begin typing in the last name until you see it appear on the list. Click on the name.


3. Click Show Options.

Show options


4. Choose a permission level for this person under Select a group or permission level.

Choose level

We recommend Edit for advisors and chairs and Read for other thesis approvers.
For a detailed description of each permissions level, click here, and look for the "Default Permission Levels" section.


5. If you'd like to notify the person to whom you are granting access, click the checkbox next to Send an email invitation.

Send invite


6. Finally, click Share.


To see a list of all your site members, click Share again, then the Shared with tab, then Advanced.

Shared with list

  • Managers are the NPS staff with default access to all thesis sites. Do not modify this.
  • Members are those who may edit, upload, delete, check in, and check out documents.
  • Owners (you) have complete edit access to the documents and the site.
  • Visitors are those who may only view documents.