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Box is a protected file-sharing site for documents that contain export-controlled/ITAR information. Students and faculty should not use any additional sharing features when using Box for export-controlled/ITAR information, nor should they transfer files to other systems for sharing. Be sure to save files with export-controlled/ITAR information back into the appropriate assigned folders in Box and work only on NPS-protected computers. Box should be used in conjunction with your thesis dashboard in Python, which is located in the left-hand menu of your Python account. Please contact thesisdraft@nps.edu to request a Box site.

1. Ready to route your proposal or thesis for department approvals?

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Upload your proposal to the Proposal Files folder on your Box site. Then route your Thesis Proposal Form (TPF) from your thesis dashboard. Similarly, before routing your Thesis Release and Approval Form (TRAF) in Python, upload your Final Draft thesis to the Advisor-Chair Review Files folder on your Box site. When your advisors are ready to sign off, begin routing your TRAF. FAQs


2. Ready for Initial Review with the Thesis Processing Office?

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Upload your draft to your Box site and click the orange button to open the submission form. Box does not notify us when files are uploaded. You will be assigned a thesis processor when you have met the minimum requirements. If you do not hear back from Thesis Processing within two business days, email thesisdraft@nps.edu to follow up.


3. Ready for Final Review with Thesis Processing?


Has your Thesis Release and Approval Form (TRAF) been approved in your thesis dashboard in Python? If so, you are ready for Final Review! Upload your thesis to the For Thesis Processing Office folder on your Box site. Then, email your processor to request your Final Review. Enter the date of this request in your dashboard. Allow at least five business days for processing.



Treat the thesis you upload for Thesis Processing as the "master" file that only you and your processor open. In other words, gather everyone's edits into this file. Your processor will likely make formatting corrections unseen to you, which would be lost if you work on another version of your paper.

Keep your thesis dashboard in Python current. Your thesis processor will be unable to accept your thesis in Python if any previous items in the upper-right section of your dashboard remain unchecked.


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