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The Thesis Processing Office begins accepting Initial Review submissions on the Monday following the final Thesis Brief presentation each term. See our Fine Print for more information.


Minimum draft requirements

  1. Distribution statement selected in your Python Thesis Dashboard (in the Security and Compliance section).
  2. Draft and First 8 Pages file uploaded to thesis SharePoint site (or Box, if thesis is export controlled). If classified or CHDS, see our file-sharing page for more information on how you will share your files.
  3. Three chapters formatted in the NPS thesis template. ALL PARAGRAPH style applied to all body paragraphs.
  4. Chapters are 1) cited, 2) proofread, 3) reviewed by your advisor(s), and 4) free of track changes or comments.
  5. At least a partial (proofread!) list of references.
  6. File is named 20Jun_LastName_FirstName.
    • If more than one author, file name is 20Jun_LastName1_LastName2_LastName3
    • If SE capstone, file is named using the last name of the first-listed author (by alphabet) on the cover page followed by "et al": 20Jun_FirstAuthorLastName et al
  7. Thesis Proposal Form in your thesis dashboard is complete.
  8. "Thesis Processing Brief" is checked off in your thesis dashboard's Requirements Status section.
  9. You are graduating in the current quarter.




I meet the minimum requirements. I'm ready for review!

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