Current Quarter w/infographic

Fall Quarter (December 2023)

Graduation Day: 15 Dec

Thesis Briefs: 3, 4, 5 Oct: 1200 GL102 and Zoom webinar (winter dissertation students welcome to attend) (if

Submission Window Opens 10 October

Due Dates: The later you submit after these due dates, the higher the risk you will need a thesis extension. Meet these dates to ensure you finish on time.

Thesis, Capstone, and Report Students

Thesis Initial Draft Due Date: 3 Nov
Thesis Final Draft Due Date: 1 Dec

International Students Using Free Editing Services

International Editing Brief: 10 and 11 Oct, DKL 151, 1730-1830
International Initial Draft Due Date to TPO: 20 Oct
International Near-Final Draft Due Date to Editor: 17 Nov
International Final Draft Due Date to TPO: 1 Dec

Dissertation Students

Dissertation Initial Draft Due Date: 17 Oct
Dissertation Final Draft Due Date: 14 Nov


Deadlines: Submissions are not accepted past these dates; see Fine Print.

Thesis, Capstone, and Report Students

Thesis Initial Draft Deadline: 8 Dec
Thesis Final Draft Deadline: 15 Dec

International Students Using Free Editing Services

International Initial Draft Deadline to TPO: 8 Dec
International Near-Final Draft Deadline to Editor: 1 Dec
International Final Draft Deadline to TPO: 15 Dec

Dissertation Students

Dissertation Initial Draft Deadline: 14 Nov
Dissertation Final Draft Deadline: 28 Nov


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