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  • For a list of peer-reviewed publications by CID researchers ranging from papers on network interdiction and attacker-defender modeling to evacuation and emergency management , click here.
  • For a list of CID Student Theses, click here.

For all other publications of interest, see the links on this page.


Dimitrov, N.B. and Ancel Meyers, L.., 2010,  Mathematical Approaches to Infectious Disease Prediction and Control. Tutorials in Operations Research, November 2010,, doi: 10.1287/educ.1100.0075.

Brown, G., Carlyle, W.M., Salmeron, J. and Wood, K., 2005, “Analyzing the Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructure to Attack, and Planning Defenses,” in Tutorials in Operations Research: Emerging Theory, Methods, and Applications, H. Greenberg and J. Smith, eds., Institute for Operations Research and Management Science, Hanover, MD.

  • Watch the latest in the CID Guest Speaker Series!
  • Watch CID guest speaker Tanya Beder discuss "Vulnerabilities and Threats to the Financial System" in an eye opening presentation that helps to imagine the possibilities and confront the real fragilities in this critical infrastructure system.

  • Listen to the INFORMS Science of Better Podcast

"Danger: Infrastructure Under Attack"
with CID Director David Alderson to hear about the pioneering work at the Naval Postgraduate School and why the controversy about the best way to protect critical infrastructure is as contentious as ever.



Alderson, D.L., Brown, G.G., Carlyle, W.M., Salmeron, J., and Wood, R.K., “Red and Blue Teams: Defending Critical Infrastructure from Intelligent Adversaries and Worst-Case Disruptions,” Invited Tutorial, Military Operations Research Society Special Meeting: Optimizing Investment in Critical Infrastructure Protection, Alexandria, VA, November 15, 2010.

Alderson, D.L., “Assessing Mission Assurance and System Resilience in the Presence of an Intelligent Adversary: Contrasting Approaches and Case Studies in Infrastructure Defense,” Invited Tutorial, Military Operations Research Society Special Meeting, Mission Assurance: Analysis for Cyber Operations, San Antonio, TX, March 21, 2011.

Alderson, D.L., “How to Assess the Importance of Critical Infrastructure and Make Defensive Investments: A Game Theoretic Perspective,” Invited Tutorial, Military Operations Research Society Special Meeting, Maritime Domain Awareness II, San Diego, CA, May 2, 2011.

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