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NPS FY01 Technical Reports

Report Number Author(s) Title
NPS-EC-01-001 McEachen, Braswell Vulnerabilities in Control and Management Functions of IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs
NPS-EC-01-002 Pham, Ridder, Pace Users Guide: Advanced Reactive Electronic Warfare Simulation (ARES) Version 1.12
NPS-EC-01-003 Ciezki, Ashton The Control Of Parallel-Connected Inverters for U.S. Navy Shipboard Applications
NPS-EC-01-004 Fargues, Hatzichristos A Hierarchical Approach to the Classification of Digital Modulation Types in Multiple Environments
NPS-EC-01-005 Fargues Investigation of Feature Dimension Reduction Schemes for Classification Applications
NPS-EC-01-007 Parker, Adler, Vincent Conducted EMI from an Engineering Model of a DC-to-DC Converter
NPS-EC-01-008 Jenn Helicopter Payload Phase 1 Antenna Study
NPS-GSBPP-01-001 Nissen Contracting Process Innovation
NPS-GSBPP-01-002 Barrett, Snider Dynamics of Knowledge Transfer in Organizations: Implications for Design of Lessons Learned Systems
NPS-GSBPP-01-003 Nissen Toward a Program of Research Knowledge Flow in the Very-Large Enterprise
NPS-GSBPP-01-004 Nissen Facilitation Naval Knowledge Flow
NPS-JW-01-001 Buettner Information Operation/Information Warfare Modeling and Simulation
NPS-JW-01-002 Maule, Schacher, Gallup, Marashian, McMclain Ethnographic Qualitative Knowledge Management System Data Classification Schema
NPS-JW-01-003 Maruyama Explosive Detection Technologies for Airline Security
NPS-JW-01-004 Schacher, Gallup, Kimmel, Sovereign Joint Experimentation Results from Fleet Battle Experiment Data
NPS-JW-01-005 Wirtz Strategy in the Contemporary World
NPS-JW-01-006 Colon Development of a Prototype Relational database System for Managing Fleet
NPS-JW-01-007 Chu, Smith, Haegar Mine Burial Impact Prediction Experiment
NPS-JW-01-008 Gaver, Jacobs, Pilnick Operations Analysis of Fleet Battle Experiments Using the Battlespace Information War Methodology
NPS-JW-01-009 Gaver, Jacobs DISC-O-TIC A Discrete-Time Analytical Meta-Model for Use in
NPS-JW-01-010 John, Pilnick, Hughes, Hughes Jr. Heterogeneous Salvo Model for the Navy After Next
NPS-JW-01-011 Schacher, Gallup, Jr. Complex Experimentation Processes, Fleet Experiment Implementation Summary Report
NPS-JW-01-012 N. Irvine Analysis of the Objective Data From Fleet Battle Experiment Hotel
NPS-JW-01-013 N. Irvine Objective Data from Fleet Battle Experiment Foxtrot, Golf, and Hotel
NPS-JW-01-014 Harney The Enemy's Access Denial System: Potential Competitor Exploitation of U.S. Military Vulnerabilties
NPS-JW-01-016 Chu, Cintron, Haeger, Fox, Keenan Yellow Sea Mine Hunting Using the Navy's Cass/Grab Model
NPS-MA-01-001 Taylor, Neta Support of JCATS Limited V&V
NPS-ME-01-001 Calvano
"Sea Lance" Littoral Warfare Small Combatant System
NPS-ME-01-002 Barney, Shin, Agrawal Adaptive Multi-Layer LMS Controller Design And Application to Active Vibration Suppression on a Truss and Proposed Impact Analysis Technique
NPS-ME-01-003 Lobuono, Kwon Modeling the Biodynamical Response of the Human Thorax with Body Armor from a Bullet Impact
NPS-MR-01-001 Jordan, Durkee Verification and Validation of the SAtellite Marine-layer/Elevated Duct Height (SMDH) Technique
NPS-MR-01-002 Wash, Roshfeld The Role of Navy METOC Regional Centers and Facilities in the New Millennium; Thoughts from a Sabbatical Tour
NPS-OC-01-001 Ramp The Asian Seas International Acoutics Experiment (ASIAEX). Final Planning Meeting. Kailua Kona, Hawaii, June 21-23, 2000
NPS-OC-01-002 Castro, Michisaki, Baumgartner, Bograd, Castro, Chavez, Collins, Durazo, Garcia, Gaxiola-Castro, Hayward, Huyer, Lynn, Mascarenhas, Robert, Smith, Wheeler, Whitney the 1997-8 El Nino atlas of Oceanographic Conditions Along the West Coast of North American (23N - 50N)
NPS-OR-01-001 Koyak Joint Interoperability of Theater Missle Defense systems: Extending the Scope of Testing
NPS-OR-01-001PR Brown, Newman, Rosenthal, Rowe Optimizing Tomahawk Strikes
NPS-OR-01-002PR Brown, Washburn The Fast Theater Model (FATHM)
NPS-OR-01-003 Lawphongpanich Determining Onboard Capacity for Initial Skill Training
NPS-OR-01-004 Looney, Schrady Estimating Economic Benefits of Naval Forward Presence
NPS-OR-01-005 Gavel, Jacobs DISC-O-TIC: A Discrete-Time Analytical Meta-Model for Use in Combat Systems that Utilize High-Resolution Simulation Models
NPS-OR-01-006PR Gates, Washburn The Navy Operational Support Aircraft Fleet
NPS-OR-01-007 Read Longitudinal Studies to Training Dead Time
NPS-OR-01-008 Lawphongpanich A Nontangential Cutting Plane Algorithm
NPS-OR-01-009 Gaver, Jacobs, Kemp Modeling the Operation of a Platoon of Amphibious Vehicles for Support of Operational Test And Evaluation (OT&E)
NPS-OR-01-010 Glazebrook, Gaver, Jacobs Military Stochastic Scheduling Treated as a "Multi-Armed Bandit" Problem
NPS-OR-01-011 Gaver, Jacobs, Seglie Stochastic Models for Promoting and Testing System Reliability Evolution
NPS-PH-01-001 McGinnis, Thomson, Short, Herbert, Lampiris, Christodoulou, Colson Free Electron Laser Material Damage Studies
NPS-PH-01-002 Thompson, Meade CLASSIFIED
NPS-PH-01-003PR Colpo, Ferguson, O'Malley, Rutherford, Stetson, Varnadore, Kapolka Remote Identification of Explosive (RIDEX) Mission Need and Concept Exploration
NPS-SO-01-001 Moore The Submarine In the Andes: Rise of a Non-State Navy?
NPS-SO-01-002 Moore Winning the Psywar in Colombia
NPS-SW-01-001 Luqi, Sheehan Assessment of DMSO Conceptual Models of the Mission Space - Progress Report (01/01/2000-12/31/2000)
NPS-SW-01-002 Berzins XML Technology Assessment - Progress Report (07/18/2000-12/31/2000)
NPS-SW-01-003 Luqi System Engineering and Evolution Decision Support - Final Progress Report (05/01/1998 - 09/30/2001)
NPS-SW-01-004 Luqi Engineering Automation for Reliable Software - Interim Progress Report (10/01/2000 - 09/30/2001)
NPS-SW-01-005 Luqi, Sheehan Assessment of DMSO Conceptual Models of the Mission Space - Progress report 01/01/2000 - 12/31/2000