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Voyager Citrix Portal - Macintosh Help and Tips

Please use this page to find tips for accessing the portal with your Macintosh-based computer. If you still can't get it to work, for further troubleshooting.

The Safari Browser does not work
The Safari Web Browser cannot be used externally with the Citrix java client. This is something beyond our control. You will need to use the Firefox web browser, available for free download at

Where do I get the Citrix Client for Mac?
In addition to Firefox, you will also need to download and install the Citrix Online plug-in for Mac- Web (be sure to install the WEB version) , available at this page on the Citrix website.

Installing the DoD Certificate
Finally, you need to manually install the Voyager SSL certificate (ZIP compressed file) on the local Citrix ICA client to the following location: Applications > Citrix ICA Client > keystore > cacerts. This will make the certificate trusted and enable the user to use the Voyager system through Firefox.

If these folders do not exist, more than likely have either an older version of the Citrix client or the Intel version of the Citrix client.  Please remove that version and download and install the version for the PowerPC stated above.

I received an Error: “This file cannot be printed using the selected printer. Error number: 196.”
At this point we're not sure as to what causes this error, but it may be bypassed by just clicking on ‘OK.’

The citrix client reported that “A program requires READ access to the ‘C’ which maps to the folder: Do you want to allow or deny READ access to this folder for the rest of this session?”
This is normal, since some remote applications require space for temporary or profile files. Users should click on ‘Allow.’

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