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Configuring the NPS Dial-up Service for Windows Computers

These instructions allow the authorized Naval Postgraduate School user to establish a connection to the NPS Information Technology Remote Access Server in order to access e-mail or other NPS IT services through a standard telephone.

When connecting to the NPS Remote Access Server (RAS) from a home computer, a dial-up connection must be configured. To do this, the following steps must be accomplished:

1. From the Start button, select Settings, Network and Dial-up Connections, click Make New Connection. Click next.

2. Select "Dial-up to a Private network". Click next.

3. Type in the number you will be dialing. Do not type in the hyphens. Click next.
Local Area number is 656-4695, long distance number is 1-800-656-2944

4. Select "do not use smart card". Click next.

5. Select "only for myself". Click next.

6. Type in a name for the connection ("NPS" is recommended) and if you want a short cut icon on the desktop, click the box in the lower left hand corner. Click finish.

7. Double click the new shortcut icon. This will initiate your connection to the NPS-RAS server. You will be prompted to enter your username and password to log into the NPGS domain of the school’s network. Websites such as Python and the Intranet can now be accessed.

8. To map to your Home directory, right click on the My Computer Icon and select Map a network drive. Select the drive letter H for Home directory. In the path field enter \\servername\username$. Check the Reconnect at logon box to reestablish the connection each time you logon. Contact the TAC at x1046 if you're not sure what server your home directory lives on.

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