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Research and Sponsored Programs Administration

Research Bulletin Board
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Sponsored Program Policy / Guidance Memoranda Research Quick Guides
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NPS Institututional Research Program (NIFR) Proposals  Post-Doctoral Programs
NPS Instructions Thesis Process Technology Transfer
Comptroller Policy
Institutional Review Board Research Board
Support for Sponsored Programs Forms Indirect Costs
Technical Reports Off-Duty Employment SPFA SOP
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Research Compliance Office
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Research Opportunities Funding Opportunities
NPS Institututional Research Program (NIFR) Research Initiation Program
Research Equipment Recapitalization Program
Post-Doctoral Program
Sponsored Program Policy / Guidance Memoranda

General Policy for Research at NPS in FY03 (SPPGM-03-01)
Proposal Approval Process for Research (SPPGM-03-02)
Proposal Routing Form (SPPGM-12-03)
Fiscal Responsibilities of Principal Investigators/Program Managers (SPPGM-05-04)
Assignation of Responsibilities by Principal Investigators/Program Managers (SPPGM-14-07)
Modification/Realignment to Sponsored Program Budgets (SPPGM-07-08)
Proposal Revisions/Extensions/Excess Funds (SPPGM-03-09)
Payment of Awards from Sponsored Program Accounts (SPPGM-03-10
Substitution of Proposed Civilian Faculty with Military Faculty during Execution of Project (SPPGM-03-11)
Use of Administrative/Clerical Personnel on Sponsored Projects (SPPGM-03-12)
Payment of Publication Page Charges (SPPGM-03-13)
Electronic Proposal Submission Routing/Approval Process (SPPGM-11-14)
Methods for Providing Support Personnel for Sponsored Programs (SPPGM-03-15)
Charging Labor to Sponsored Project Accounts (SPPGM-03-16)
Payment of Cell Phones, DSL Lines, Pagers, Miscellaneous Cellular Devices from Sponsored Project Funding (SPPGM-05-17)
Signing of Non-Disclosure Agreements (SPPGM-03-18)
Interim Guidance for Facilities and Administrative (Indirect Cost) Rates (Draft Indirect Policy)
General Categories of Research and Sponsored Projects (SPPGM-12-20)
Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Plan (SPPGM-11-21)
        RCR Registration Instructions (PDF) (internal access only)
        RCR Certification Form (PDF) (internal access only)
Who Can be a PI or PD? (SPPGM-12-22)
Principal Investigator Bid-and-Proposal Spending Guidance (SPPGM-14-23)

(internal access only)
General Guidance
Annual Trainings (log in required)
Proposal Content
Proposal Budget
Electronic Submissions (SPPGM-11-14)
Approval Process
Proposal Routing Form (PRF) & Signature Page
Signature Pages (replaced by Proposal Routing Form except RIP)
FY15 Budget Templates
FY15 Indirect Cost Rates
FY15 Acceleration Rate
Faculty & Staff Pay Tables
Student Tuition Rates
Info for DoD Agencies sending funds to NPS
Data Management Plan (DMP) Information
Student Fellowships SPAWAR Student Fellowship Program
Post-Doctoral Programs NPS Post-Doctoral Program
National Research Council Research Associateship Program
American Society for Engineering Education Post-Doctoral Program
NPS Instructions
(internal access only)
NAVPGSCOLINST 1524.2: Research Assistant Part-Time Study Program
NAVPGSCOLINST 3300.1E: Management of Wargaming at the Naval Postgraduate School.
NAVPGSCOLINST 3900.1C: Administration and Management of Academic Sponsored Programs at the Naval Postgraduate School.
NAVPGSCOLINST 3900.2A: Establishment and Operation of Research Centers of Excellence at the Naval Postgraduate School
NAVPGSCOLINST 3900.3H: Chair Professorships at the Naval Postgraduate School
NAVPGSCOLINST 3900.4: Protection of Human Subjects.
NAVPGSCOLINST 4001.1E: Policies and Procedures for Gift Administration, Gift Acceptance, and Event Sponsorship at NPS
NAVPGSCOLINST 5370.3E: Policy Concerning Outside Employment and Professional Activities for Faculty, Staff and Students (Encls)
NAVPGSCOLINST 5600.5E: Format and Procedures for the Preparation, Issuance and Processing of Naval Postgraduate School Reports (Part-1, Part-2)
NAVPGSCOLINST 5760.2A: Administration of Memoranda of Understanding and Agreement, and Letters of Intent at the Naval Postgraduate School
NAVPGSCOLINST 5870.1: Use of Copyrighted Materials
NAVPGSCOLINST 7130.1A: Procedures for Establishing and Allocating Indirect Costs to Reimbursable Research Projects
NAVPGSCOLINST 12334.1B: Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Mobility Program
Thesis Process Thesis Processors  
Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Submission Process
Technology Transfer
(internal access only)

Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA)
   Quick Guide Flow Chart (pdf)
   Process Guidelines (pdf)
   Template (pdf)
   Request (doc)
   FAQs (pdf)

Limited Purpose Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (LP-CRADA)
   Quick Guide Flow Chart (pdf)
   Process Guidelines (pdf)
   Template (pdf)
   Request (doc)
   FAQs (pdf)

Non-Disclosure Policy
Intellectual Property Issues 
Copyright Declaration Form

Comptroller Policy
Fringe/Leave Benefit Rates
Rules for Split Accounting
Acceptance of Reimbursable Funding under Project Order Authority
Acceptance of Reimbursable Funding under Economy Act Authority
NAVPGSCOLINST 7000.1, Financial Management and Accounting Policy and Guidance
Navy Policy on Anti-Deficiency Act (ADA) Violations
Food Policy
Recharge Center Information
    Assistance Agreements (Grants/Cooperative/Agreements)
Institutional Review Board NPS Instruction
Board Members
IRB Website
Research Board

Meeting Minutes
Committee Reports and Notices

Support for Sponsored Programs National Research Council Associateship Program
Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program
    NREIP memorandum (Internal Access Only)
    NREIP Intership Opportunity Form
Engineer and Scientist Exchange Program

Report Documentation Page
Proposal Budget Pages
Proposal Routing Form (PRF) & Signature Page
RIP Signature Page
Interim Public Release Policy & Form
PI/PD Assignation of Responsibilities Form
PI/PD Quarterly Attestation Form
PI/PD Final Attestation Form
Resource Requirements Memo 
SF Form 298 
Technical Report Template (LaTex version)
Application for Centers of Excellence
Request for Exception to FY13 Indirect Cost Policy (Form)
RCR Training Certification Form (Registration Instructions)
Principal Investigator/Project Director Justification Memo
Transfer to Other Federal Agency Memo

Indirect Costs

FY15 Indirect Cost Rates (FY13 Memo)


Request for Exception to Indirect Cost Policy (Form)

FY12 Distribution of Recovery
FY11 Indirect Cost Recovery Summary
FY11 Distribution of Recovery
FY10 Indirect Cost Recovery Summary
FY10 Distribution of Recovery
FY09 Indirect Cost Recovery Summary
FY09 Distribution of Recovery
FY08 Indirect Cost Recovery Summary
FY07 Indirect Cost Recovery Summary
FY06 Indirect Cost Recovery Summary
FY06 Policy Memo

Technical Reports
(internal access only)

NPS Instruction 5600.5E Part I
NPS Instruction 5600.5E Part II
SF Form 298
Instructions for Completing SF 298
Technical Report Template (LaTex version)
DTIC Guideline on Distribution Statements

Off-Duty Employment / Consulting NAVPGSCOLINST 5370.3E
Application and Approval for Off-Duty Employment
Defining Sponsored Programs
General Policy, Roles and Responsibilities
Proposal Requirements
Review/Approval Process
Proposal Routing Form 
Notification of Award
Maintaining Departmental Memorandum Accounting System (DMAS)
Reviewing Expenditures
Budget Modifications
Reconciling Accounts
Projecting Expenditures
Attestation Process
Project Files
Cost Transfers
Suspense Files

Other Direct Costs
Contracts/Transfer of Funds

Indirect Costs
Research Personnel
PI/PM Delegation of Responsibilities
Extension of Sponsored Activity
Calculating Labor
Substitution of Personnel

APPENDIX A: DMAS User’s Manuals

a2.gif (194 bytes) DMAS, in excel (06 Direct Accounts)
a2.gif (194 bytes) DMAS 06, in Access (06 Reimbursable, NPS Institutionally Funded Research, and Indirect Accounts)

APPENDIX B: DORS User’s Manual

APPENDIX C: NPS Travel Process SOP

APPENDIX D: Procurement Processes

a2.gif (194 bytes) Purchase Request Form
a2.gif (194 bytes) FISC-San Diego Customer Guide (including instructions and samples of Forms 1149 and 2276, Sole Source Procurements, Mandatory Sources of Supply, and more).
a2.gif (194 bytes) Advance Payment of Conference or Training Fees Using a Government Purchase Card (DD Form 1556)

Request for Contractual Procurement, NAVCOMPT Form 2276:

a2.gif (194 bytes) NAVCOMPT Form 2276, (PDF fillable format)
a2.gif (194 bytes) Instructions for Completing Form 2276
a2.gif (194 bytes) FISC Request for Contractual Procurement (RCP) Cover Sheet
a2.gif (194 bytes)

Sole Source Justification - SSJ, (PDF, fillable format), or     Sole Source Justification - SSJ, (DOC, fillable format)

a2.gif (194 bytes) Sample package including: Form 2276, FISC RCP Cover Sheet, SSJ, Quote from proposed SS vendor

APPENDIX E: NPS Labor Process SOP 

APPENDIX F :Account Reconciliation Tool SOP

APPENDIX G : List of Subcodes

a2.gif (194 bytes) Reimbursable Accounts
a2.gif (194 bytes) Direct/Indirect Accounts


SPFA Weekly Meeting Notes

Annual Training and Certifications Research Compliance (Login Required)