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Meeting Fleet Objectives

Meeting Fleet Objectives

US & Global.






NAVWAR (previously SPAWAR)


FY23 Research Project Funding Announcement

Submit a Topic for FY24 NPS Research Consideration TODAY!!

Topic review and board consideration for funding is completed on an annual cycle but you can submit a new topic or resubmit a topic for consideration most any time. Get ahead in the next round and submit a topic for FY24 TODAY! Learn More...

FY22 Topic Review Board Funding Results
Research Funding Results - Funded Projects - Public List

Research Funding Results

These lists are currently provided for your convenience. However, this public list display is not intended to remain permanently. Further, this list will not be updated after initial publication. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with searching for funded projects using the search options provided in the Topic Portal.

*Funded Projects are Preliminary, contingent upon pending approvals.

Download a .PDF of the complete (post-TRB) Funded list sorted by: 

Service > Topic Sponsor (TS) ORG > TRB ORG > Project (IREF)

Additional details can be viewed via the NRP Topic Portal Topic List tab. Search: Fiscal Year = 2023, Funded = Yes.

Principal Investigators (PIs) may also view their individual FY23 funded IREFs via the MyIREFs tab. Search: Fiscal Year = 2023, Status = Approved, Funded = Yes.

Naval Research Working Group Output:

  • FY23 IREF Submissions - Demand signal for NPS Research 
    • 268 Fleet Research Topics generated
    • 188 total IREFs submitted, $21M / $112K avg cost
    • 95 Projects to be funded TBD

Download a .PDF of the complete (post-TRB) Funded list sorted by: 

Download a .PDF of the complete (post-TRB) Funded list sorted by: 

Download a .PDF of the complete (post-TRB) Funded list sorted by: 

Download a .PDF of the complete (post-TRB) Funded list sorted by: 

*Funded = contingent upon a modification in project scope\budget.