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Welcome to the Naval Research Program!

The Naval Postgraduate School's Naval Research Program (NRP) is funded by the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and supports research projects for the Navy and Marine Corps. The NRP research projects are comprised of individual research teams, where projects are conducted, NPS expertise is developed, and then maintained, on behalf of the Navy and Marine Corps.

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Our Mission

Provide naval relevant research experiences to NPS faculty members, provide operationally relevant thesis opportunities to NPS students, and provide useful results from research projects and studies to topic sponsors across the naval enterprise.

Research Topics

Research topics are submitted throughout the year by Fleet Topic Advocates looking for NPS Faculty to perform operationally relevant research in specific areas.

Researcher Toolkit

NRP has gathered a number of resources for NPS Faculty performing research. This toolkit includes templates, deadlines, and other resources to help make the research process go smoothly.

Outcomes & Results

Use the NPS Calhoun collection to browse NRP's archive of past projects' research results and deliverables. These include Executive Summaries, Technical Reports, and research posters.

Naval Research Program Stakeholders

The Naval Research Program has three crucial stakeholder sets throughout our research process. These stakeholders work together through the duration of each research cycle.

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Topic Advocates

Topic Advocates are members of the Naval research enterprise that share goals with NRP. Topic Advocates may choose to participate in NRP to take advantage of the exchanges facilitated between Topic Advocates and NPS faculty and students.
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Nearly 1,000 scholars and professionals make up the NPS faculty. Our faculty integrate teaching with research to strengthen expertise and program relevance, and demonstrate the immediate applicability of defense-related theories to defense-related problems.
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Over 2,000 students attend the Naval Postgraduate School. The student body consists of officers from the five U.S. uniformed services, officers from approximately 30 ally countries, and a small number of civilian federal and state employees.
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