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Project Deliverables

Project Deliverables | Intro

Timely project progress updates, budget execution and submission of NRP funded project deliverables are project funding requirements.

PIs who consistently fail to meet budget expectations, submit project deliverables and/or respond to data calls, may be denied future NRP opportunities, including possible denial of project funding awards and/or experience a delay in funding allocations for currently ongoing projects, until deliverables are met.

All deliverables are due no later than the end of the official project specific period of performance.
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Events & Deadlines

30 Jun 2024

Mid-Year Progress Summaries due via email to

31 Mar 2025

Executive Summaries must be submitted to Graduate Writing Center

31 Mar 2025

Final Technical Reports must be submitted to Graduate Writing Center

12 Apr 2025

Mills Medal nominations due

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Project Deliverables | Budget Execution

Budget Execution

NRP is responsible for funding and budget execution. PIs are required to adhere to their budget/spend plan, and to communicate with NRP immediately regarding any plan deviations.

PIs are expected to respond to spend plan data calls and requests for information in a timely manner, when requested by NRP.

Project Deliverables | Travel

Travel Reporting

Every NRP-related trip must have a travel report submitted to NRP.

Travel reports must be submitted within 30 days of completion of each trip. Failure to do so may affect approval of future travel.

This report must:

  • Describe the purpose of the trip and how it relates to your NRP project
  • Describe where you went and its importance to your NRP project
  • List who you met and their role within your NRP project
  • Describe what you achieved during the trip to further your NRP project
Please note that travel for NRP projects is capped at 15% of the total project budget. For example, a project with a budget of $175,000 has a travel cap of $26,250. Travel exceeding this budget will not be approved and cannot be charged to your NRP account.

NRP does NOT pay for:

  • Thesis development trips
  • Travel for student graduations

Submit a travel report using our Travel Report Submission Form.

Project Deliverables | Mid-Year Progress Review

Mid-Year Progress Reviews (MPRs)

Documented MPRs with the Topic Advocate are required. PIs send communication details (report, PowerPoint slides, etc.) to the NRP Program Office mid-way through the project. MPRs provide status of the project and are critical in maintaining technical visibility.

Your MPR can be used as the basis to build your final Technical Report! You do not need Department Chair and VPR signatures for your MPR, however, to streamline and simplify the MPR submission process.

MPR papers are recommended to be 5 pages in the body (not including table of contents, title pages, etc).

At minimum, MPRs must include:

  • Progress to date
  • Status of the project compared with the proposal projections
  • Any risk encounters or mitigation measures
  • Topic Advocate POC updates, as position assignments change
  • Any updates to student or faculty researchers working on the project.

PIs may complete/conduct the MPR in their preferred forum, mutually agreed upon with the Topic Advocate (in person, teleconference, etc.).

Submit a Mid-Year Progress Review by using our MPR Submission Form. Please use the NRP MPR template, especially if you intend to use your MPR when writing your final Tech Report.

MPRs for classified projects: Do not upload any files through the Submission Form. Select the appropriate classification level and then submit the form without any file uploads. MPR form submission is still required for classified projects as NRP needs this record for tracking purposes.


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Project Deliverables | Final Deliverables: Intro

Final Deliverables Requirements & Process

PIs and Co-PIs are responsible for all project specific deliverables agreed upon with the Topic Advocate and produced as a result of NRP-funded research. Deliverables must be submitted no later than the last day of the project-specific Period of Performance.

These deliverables include:

All deliverables are to:

  • Be prepared and submitted using the most recent official NRP or NPS process and templates, as appropriate
  • Contain all elements requested in the specific document template
  • Comply with the NPS Public Release Policy for scholarly material
  • Reference the full NRP project ID (IREF ID) e.g. NPS-25-N500-B
  • Reference the NRP as the funding sponsor with the following statement: "This research is supported by funding from the Naval Postgraduate School, Naval Research Program (PE 0605853N/2098)."
  • Include a Distribution Statement
  • Reference NRP as the funding sponsor
  • Be submitted as final works
  • Be of postgraduate academic writing and publishing quality

At minimum, NRP PIs are required to submit a Graduate Writing Center (GWC)-reviewed and accepted Technical Report, and a GWC-reviewed and accepted Executive Summary, at the end of the project Period of Performance.

Project Deliverables | Distribution Statements

Distribution Statements

Statement A
Approved for public release: distribution is unlimited.

Statement B
Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies only.

Statement C
Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors.

Statement D
Distribution authorized to the Department of Defense and U.S. DoD contractors only.

Statement E
Distribution authorized to DoD Components only.

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Project Deliverables | Document guidance

Document guidance

All public release NRP deliverables will be placed in the Calhoun NRP Project Documents Collection by NRP once finalized and ready for publication.


Executive Summary

An Executive Summary is submitted for inclusion in the publicly distributed NRP Annual Report. The Executive Summary must:

PIs will work with the GWC to develop a publish-ready Executive Summary for an audience that are not subject matter experts. The GWC can help during any stage: planning, drafting, revising, copyediting, and/or finalizing. When looking at your Executive Summary, the GWC pays close attention to the following:

  • Does your executive summary do what an executive summary should?
  • Do the sections fulfill their purpose?
  • Are ideas, paragraphs, and sentences logically ordered?
  • Are all acronyms defined and accurate?
  • Is the summary thorough, yet concise?
  • Is the writing clear and accessible?
  • Is it written for a non-SME audience?
  • Is it free of typos and grammatical and punctuation errors?
  • Has APA format for citations and references been followed?

At minimum, you are required to provide your near-final draft to the GWC for publication-ready review through our deliverables submission form.

Your GWC-reviewed, public release Executive Summary Word file will be sent to NRP by the GWC after receiving email approval from the PI.


Technical Report

A GWC-reviewed and accepted Technical/Final Report produced produced using the standard NPS Technical Report Template is required no later than the end of the project Period of Performance. The Tech Report must:

Report Title, Signature, and Documentation page guidance:

  • Report Title page: "Prepared for: [Project Specific Topic Advocate Organization]. This research is supported by funding from the Naval Postgraduate School, Naval Research Program (PE 0605853N/2098). NRP Project ID: [Your project ID, e.g. NPS-25-N500-B]"
  • Report Signature page: "The report entitled [Title of the Report] was prepared for [Project Specific Topic Advocate Organization] and funded by the Naval Postgraduate School, Naval Research Program (PE 0605853N/2098)."
  • Report Documentation page
    • 5c. 0605853N/2098
    • 5d. NRP Project ID; JON [e.g. NPS-23-N500-B; W5152]
    • 9. Naval Postgraduate School, Naval Research Program; "NRP Project Topic Advocate Agency"
    • 10. NRP; Project Topic Advocate Acronym [e.g. NRP; NAVSPECWARCOM]
    • 11. RSPO/Dept assigned report number; NRP Project ID [e.g. NPS-CS-23-500R; NPS-23-N500-B]

Use the Submission Form to submit your Tech Report for iThenticate review, GWC copyediting, and signature preparation.

  1. GWC receives your Tech Report and sends it through iThenticate review. Results and recommended next steps will be emailed directly to you.
  2. Use the Submission Form again to request a GWC editor for copyediting.
    1. For classified reports, simply select the appropriate clearance level and click "next" then "submit." The form does not require any file uploads, to prevent spillage. A GWC editor will reach out to you with next steps.
  3. After review and acceptance of the GWC editor's changes, use the Submission Form to submit your finalized report to prepare for signatures. Send your report in Word format (or PDF if using LaTeX). GWC will handle all the rest.
  4. Signatures are needed on Page iii from the PI, any Co-PIs, and their department chairs. It is your responsibility to obtain these signatures.
  5. After these signatures have been obtained, use the Submission Form to submit the signed report to route it for signature by the Vice Provost of Research (VPR).
  6. Once VPR signature is obtained, GWC sends the final report to NRP.
  7. NRP processes your report for publication in Calhoun and DTIC.

For deliverables Distro A through E, submit using the Submission Form. For classified deliverables (Secret and above), please submit just a cover sheet, then arrange transfer of your classified deliverables via SIPRNet.

Classified reports use the same NPS Technical Report Template as unclassified reports. Simply add banners to the header and footer marking the document at the appropriate classification level, and portion-mark paragraphs.

  • Distro A: Public release, not restricted
  • Distro B: US Government agencies only
  • Distro C: US Government agencies & their contractors only
  • Distro D: DOD & DOD contractors only
  • Distro E: DOD components only
  • Classified SECRET (must transfer securely via SIPRNet)
  • Classified TOP SECRET (must transfer securely via SIPRNet)


Research project specific deliverables

These are any deliverables outside the NRP-required products that were agreed upon with the Topic Advocate. All products produced as a result of NRP-funded research are required to be sent to the Topic Advocate and the NRP Program Office no later than the end of the Period of Performance. These may include:

  • Final presentation
  • Source code
  • Student theses
  • Journal publications

A public release Distribution A research poster using the current NRP Research Poster Template is recommended to showcase the results of your research. The NRP may present your project posters online and/or at various showcase events.

Submit your research poster, final presentation, student theses, source code, etc. using the Submission Form.


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Project Deliverables | FAIRS

Submitting your Executive Summary to FAIRS

Once your Executive Summary has completed the GWC copyediting process, you need to enter it into the NPS Faculty Activity and Information Reporting System (FAIRS). The data collected in FAIRS will populate the NRP Annual Report. It is very important that you complete all sections as accurately as possible, including student participant data, as all inputs will inform program required reporting.

Enter the data from your GWC-reviewed and accepted Distribution Statement A Executive Summary into Section D: Scholarship/Research.

  1. Log in to FAIRS.
  2. Click the Naval Research Program Projects & Reporting link in Section D: Scholarship/Research.
  3. Click the Item name (of the existing record) to edit/update. (e.g., "Test NRP Project")
  4. Enter all requested NRP Executive Summary data. All fields are required. Note: you may need to use the chevron symbols to expand some collapsed data fields.
  5. When done click Save to finish the record.

PDF, 1.4MB. Last updated February 2021

Project Deliverables | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions NRP receives regarding project deliverables.

This is rare but does happen from time to time. The entire document's banners must include "CUI" because the information with the highest level of restriction means the document as a whole is at that level.

You have a few options, from here:

  1. You can stop with just the document-wide banners, which doesn't indicate which section of the document is at which classification/distro level.
  2. Portion mark every paragraph, heading, subheading, and bulleted/numbered list with the appropriate classification/distro level.

Many tech reports require advanced formatting that Microsoft Word simply isn't capable of, so in these cases, LaTeX is a great option. Please use the official NPS LaTeX template. You can find the template and documentation on the NPS LaTeX Thesis Portal Wiki.

Submit your deliverables via the standard process using the Submission Form, but include a note with your files stating they cannot be made public until further notice. Until your patent is filed, use an appropriate distro level to prevent mishandling.

NRP deliverables, including but not limited to simulations and source code, are only proof-of-concept and can't be used as actual products after development. You can take development and research up to proof-of-concept or a working prototype, but you can't provide a sanctioned tool to add to an analytical toolbox.

To get to that stage, it must be handed off to a group who can do Verification, Validation & Accreditation (VV&A). Tools produced as part of NRP projects can't be taken to production without this step.

For the question "Has your Final Report(s) been submitted to Calhoun?" you have two options:

  1. Your Tech Report (Final Report, in FAIRS) has been successfully published. Copy and paste the link into the Final Report(s) Location field. Example:
  2. Your Tech Report has not yet been published to Calhoun. Select "No" and, when asked for a reason, enter "Publication pending"

Use the Submission Form to submit just the cover sheet of your report. The appropriate POC will reach out to you to help arrange secure transfer of your Tech Report via SIPRNet.

Classified reports use the same NPS Technical Report Template as unclassified reports. Simply add banners to the header and footer marking the document at the appropriate classification level, and portion-mark paragraphs.

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