NS 4000 Information

NS 4000 Great Power Competition Lecture Series

Please review the FAQs for eligibility.

Next period of instruction: 05 July - 22 September 2023

Submit Application Information no later than: 02 June 2023

With the rise of China and the return of Russia to near-peer military status with the United States, the topic of renewed Great Power Competition (GPC) has moved to the forefront of U.S. defense concerns, supplanting our post-9/11 focus on the Global War on Terrorism.  In 2019, in response to a request from N3/N5, the Department of National Security Affairs at NPS created a first-of-its-kind GPC overview course (NS 4000) to educate NPS students and interested faculty and staff about critical challenges posed by China and Russia. That course attracted some 200 students, faculty, and staff, making it the single largest course at NPS. Since then, this course has been transformed into an asynchronous, distance-learning format to allow it to reach an additional 500 military students and interested civilian personnel at commands across the United States and the world.


After reviewing the FAQs, please complete the "Applicant Information" form. This form is to register your interest in the course. After completing this form, you should expect to hear back from the NSA Department with additional registration instructions, four-weeks prior to the start of your cohort (07 June 2023).


For NPS students already enrolled in another curriculum, add NS 4000 as an overload course in PYTHON and notify your education technician.