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Warfare Innovation Continuum Workshop: Integrated Naval Campaigning

Date: September 18, 2023 to September 21, 2023
Location: On the NPS campus and online
Forum: Hybrid (both In Person and Virtual)

Each year Naval Postgraduate School begins a 12-18 month Warfare Innovation Continuum (WIC) in July, which includes various research projects, capstone class projects, experiments, workshops, and seminars around a central theme of interest to the naval services.  

This year’s WIC is titled Integrated Naval Campaigning and will explore the confluence of various emerging technologies to enhance the nation’s ability to conduct integrated missions in the maritime domain.  An integrated naval campaigning is a series of operations in, and from, the maritime domain conducted by joint, interorganizational, and allied forces to achieve national strategic and operational objectives.  We have numerous past examples of integrated naval campaigning from the amphibious operations of WWII to counter-piracy operations of today.  However, we will explore opportunities for new concepts brought on by the robotics age of warfare’s contributions to all domains.


CONCEPT GENERATION TEAMS: Serving as a team member will give you a deep understanding of key operational problems and introduce you to a set of tools to approach a complex military problem space. We need at least five members per team – especially NPS students! Note that this workshop is scheduled in the week between NPS finals and graduation to avoid class conflicts.

Available teams for September 2023:

  • 21st Century Amphibious Ops
  • Maritime Gray Zone Ops
  • Coordinated & Coalition Ops
  • Undersea Ops
  • Contested Logistics

MENTOR: a small group of more experienced individuals serve as guides to share their experience in this vast complex problem space and provide feedback as teams work through the design challenge.

OBSERVER: welcome to attend any and all plenary sessions that are a good fit with your time and interests.

SPECIALIST: facilitators and panelists, and are available by invitation only. However, if you have unique skills to offer or been directed to register as a specialist please register in this role and add a note in your bio. We will be in touch after your registration is reviewed.


Registration is open on the event website!

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