Foundation SEED Projects


The NPS Foundation has an ongoing effort to support NPS faculty "Seed" projects. These are “bid-and-proposal” efforts designed to develop better DOD proposals or, where appropriate, better private-sector proposals.

While many prior Seed Projects are in various stages of completion, the NPS Foundation desires to initiate a new round of projects for FY22. If you are interested, please:

1) Describe the Big Idea and value to NPS (or other) key stakeholder in no more than one page.

2) Provide name and short bio(s) of Principle Investigator or Team.

3) Vet through Department Chair and Dean for submission to NPS through Dean of Research and Foundation Liaisons.

Please submit your one-page descriptions via email to Rikki Nguyen with “Seed Project” in the subject line. Suspense is COB Monday, 7 March. The NPS Foundation will review all submissions. For those submissions recommended for funding, we will notify faculty leads and ask them to formally submit their Seed proposals through the online Coeus submission portal.

Additional proposal materials (Proposal Routing Form) can be found on the Sponsored Programs page under Proposal Development after logging in.


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