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We are fortunate to have many colleagues and collaborators around the world, but only list those who explicitly request it.


    Dashi Singham, Operations Research Department

Founders/Past Co-Directors

    Susan Sanchez, Operations Research Department (retired/volunteer)
    Tom Lucas, Operations Research Department

SEED Center Faculty Associates - Research

    Mary McDonald, Operations Research Department
    Steve Upton, Operations Research Department

Other NPS Affiliates

    Susan Aros, Department of Defense Management
    Arnie Buss, MOVES Institute
    Keebom Kang, International Defense Acquisition Resource Management Program
    Mark Nissen, Information Systems Department
    Dan Nussbaum, Operations Research Department
    Eva Regnier, Defense Resource Management Institute (DRMI)
    Paul Sanchez, Operations Research Department (retired/volunteer)
    Chad Seagren, Graduate School of Business & Public Policy
    Dashi Singham, Operations Research Department

Other Colleagues

    Darryl Ahner, LTC(ret), U.S. Army, Air Force Institute of Technology
    Jon Alt
    Jack Jackson, Deputy Director, TRAC-Monterey
    W. David Kelton, University of Cincinnatti
    Jack P. C. Kleijnen, Tilburg University, The Netherlands
    Stefan Pickl, Universitat de Bundeswehr, Germany
    Hong Wan, School of Industrial Engineering, Purdue University
    K. Preston White, University of Virginia
    Enver Yucesan, INSEAD, France


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