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National Critical and Emerging Tech Strategy Released

National Critical and Emerging Tech Strategy Released

The National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies was issued by the White House on 15 October 2020.

Earlier today the White House issued the National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies, which affirms the Nation’s commitment to Technology Leadership, collaborating with Technology Peers, and managing Technology Risk.

The strategy is comprised of two “pillars of success”:

  • Pillar I: Promote the National Security Innovation Base
  • Pillar II: Protect Technology Advantage

In addition to describing priority actions, the Strategy identifies 20 technology area priorities.

  • Advanced Computing
  • Advanced Conventional Weapons Technologies
  • Advanced Engineering Materials
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Advanced Sensing
  • Aero-Engine Technologies
  • Agricultural Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Biotechnologies
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Mitigation Technologies
  • Communication and Networking Technologies
  • Data Science and Storage
  • Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Energy Technologies
  • Human-Machine Interfaces
  • Medical and Public Health Technologies
  • Quantum Information Science
  • Semiconductors and Microelectronics
  • Space Technologies

While the Naval Postgraduate School educates military leaders on the theoretical and practical application of the technology areas to Navy, Marine Corps, and other Defense-related challenges, America’s Sea Land Air Military Research initiative (SLAMR) is assisting its partners thrive at the intersection of military, commercial, and academic R&D.

Get a copy of the Strategy by clicking National Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technologies.

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