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"USS Hermitage: Scuttlebutt’s Thanksgiving edition - 1943" by USS Hermitage (AP-54) is licensed under agreement with the U.S. Naval Institute.

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Making it easier and accelerating the means for the nationwide S&T community to engage the Naval Postgraduate School and the DoD Research Enterprise is central to The SLAMR's effort to shape the Evolution of the Digital Enterprise Nationally (EDEN).

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It can be challenging staying abreast of the ways nearly 3,000 students and 1,000 faculty members at the Naval Postgraduate School are driving our country’s ability to respond to national security challenges forward.  It doesn’t need to be.

Breaking news, R&D opportunities, field experimentation events, technical exchange meetings, plus other updates posted by over a dozen official NPS accounts are available in a single stream.  Accelerating discovery, enhancing engagement, and assisting our nation’s S&T community thrive at the intersection of military, commercial, and academic R&D is our mission.  

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