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AI and Autonomy in Russia Update

AI and Autonomy in Russia Update

An update on Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy in Russia was published by the Center for Naval Analyses last week.

The Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) recently published Issue 23 of AI and Autonomy in Russia. Highlights in CNA's report include:

  • A new AI Analytical Center focused on operationalizing Russia's AI strategy.
  • Subsidies for businesses and academia to implement AI capabilities.
  • A $100 million fund for AI startups.
  • The training pipeline of commanding officers of autonomous systems units.
  • Required AI coursework at Moscow State University.
  • Use of autonomous systems for radioactive and chemical contamination monitoring.
  • AI use by the Orbital Space Station.
  • Digital medicine.
  • International collaboration and business.

Download your copy of AI and Autonomy in Russia Issue 23.

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